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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Kai Kazi's Novellas


Reading is not an out-dated hobby yet. Many people still love to read story books even though there are so many different entertainments today involving smart phones. In the past, people are willing to buy hardcopy books but now the trend of reading has shifted to using kindle to read online books. In spite of globalization, the passion in reading is still growing in people.

If you are looking for something meaningful to read, I would like to suggest the novellas written by Kai Kazi. He is a young author who is enthusiastic in writing stories with themes that reflect back our human histories. Though he is still new in writing, his creations are matured and thoughtful. It requires readers to ponder and reflect.

The Canadian artist Kai Kazi launched his debut novella series called the Heart Novella Series in year 2012 when he got the inspiration from the myth end of world. The first novella in the series is Heart of Rape Genocide. He wrote about the Bosnian war, giving it a deeper thought provoking moment for readers to think when they read.

Following that, he also wrote a few more novellas. Below is the list of his masterpieces:
  • Heart of Rape Genocide
  • Heart of Cartel
  • Heart of Assimilation
  • Heart of Nanking Massacre
  • Heart of Dadaab
  • Heart of Arranged Marriage
  • Heart of Rohingya
  • Heart of Cyberpath (coming soon in Winter 2016)
  • Heart of Bangladesh (coming soon in Winter 2016)
  • Heart of the Visionary Anarchist (coming soon in Winter 2016)

Simply by subscribing to his newsletter on his website you will get to enjoy the privilege bonus of getting a free ebook valued at $3.99. By that means each of his novella is sold at that price on Amazon. You can check out his Amazon page here:

Each of his novellas is well written. Some readers claimed that though the ending is predicted but still did not stop them from continue reading it till the end. His creations gained many adult readers’ favoritism because of his way of writing and selected themes. They are not suitable for young readers as the series contain extremely graphical violent, sexual and disturbing scenes. Hence, it is not suitable for the light heart readers.

Not only that, Kai is also avid in music. He also released his new music videos, desi godess, which might be the first track to x dubstep and bollywood. You can even enjoy free music from his site. Don’t forget to check it out.


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