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Monday, January 11, 2016

Genuine Best Dog Nail Clipper


Sending your pet dog to pet saloon is quite costly. You can actually do some of the work done in saloon by yourself at home. All you need is the right tool. For example, it is totally possible to cut your dog’s nail yourself. You just need a dog nail clipper.

The Genuine Best Dog Nail Clipper is sold on Amazon at an affordable price. You can get it at the price of $11.25 with 55% discount! It is way cheaper as compared to what you are paying for the service you get from the saloon. This is a price which most people should have no problem paying for.

The Genuine Best Dog Nail Clipper is manufactured using the latest technology with specially designed blades, sharpness and safety guard can be removed. Its blades are sharp enough for small to medium sized dogs. This means that most people will have no problem as not many people have really huge dogs as pets. In addition, the blades have anti bacterial property. This is important to make sure that you will not cause any infection to your dog while you are cutting its nail. You certainly do not want anything unpleasant to your beloved pet.

Unlike other brands of dog nail clipper, the Genuine Co’s promises to take away the hurt experienced by your dog as this product has undergone quality tests to be proven effective before being sold on the market. Your dog is most likely to anticipate a better nail cutting experience. In fact, cutting your dog’s nail is not only helping you to save money but also gives you more time to be with your dog.

This product becomes many people’s favourite choice because of its sharp blades. It gives life-long clean cutting with safety guard or safety stop. It minimizes the hurt possibility to its furthest extend. Many users have tested using this nail clipper to cut Boston terriers, Golden Retriever pups and even small pets such as rabbits. Due to the quality of the blades, the process is smooth, clean and painless.

This nail clipper has non-slip handles made of soft plastic. This helps to secure grip better just in case if you are nervous. The blue colour is also specially selected to look serene and not frightening. In term of size wise, it is designed to fit your hand easily. It is comfortable to use and has no risk at all of it falling out from your hand.

Overall, this is a great product that you should not miss out. It is great for its price as well as quality. It comes in Amazon frustration free packaging that reaches your doorstep upon purchase. 


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