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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Grey Sling Bag

I just made a sling bag - after taking one month plus. It's because I've been really very busy with school/working life. I'm really happy with this design which I created from my imagination.

It has fixed number of stitches for each side (left and right) and 4 slip stitches each round. I crocheted around but end with slip stitch when I reach an edge. I really like how it turned out - having solid edges due to the help of the slip stitch nature. 

Initially it didn't seem to look very obvious like a bag but as I crochet further up, then the bag's "look" appeared.

The design is made with single crochet front loop for the front and back big rectangle sides but for the left and right sides, I used normal single crochet with double loops.

Basically you can feel texture when you touch the bag.. not that ordinary like single crochet. It looks more "gentle" looking to me too. All the way single crochet is a little "rough" looking.

The holder is made with 7 - 8 single crochets. I think this thickness is just nice.

Put a pom-pom for the zip holder.

I'll say I feel hard to give this away - but well.. I hope the buyer will like it as much as I do. 


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