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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just Sit Back and Laugh

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I'm still not sleeping and I know I shouldn't. Well, it's my first attempt putting up a video on my blog. So, here it is. It's pretty easy.. Now only I know. -slaps forehead-

This guy is very hilarious! He is a kid I guess. LMAO.. I can't stand the way he imitates Lady Gaga in singing the Bad Romance. Well, this song is actually one of my favourite songs. I found this from Facebook and I was really laughing like shit middle of the night. =X

It's a great entertainment if you are feeling moody now. = )


Here's a small joke I re compose with my words from the drama Love Contract.

Everybody knows that is a very old drama. OK nvm. I just got myself hooked to this drama for the December.

Human : Got-cha! Ha ha ha ha *evil grins*
Mosquito : Please let me go.. *puppy eyes*
Human : Give me 1 good reason why should I?
Mosquito : Because today is my birthday.
Human : A-ha! Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to --- *clapping hands*

I hope that I am able to illustrate the joke well to you. The human actually sang the birthday song while clapping *naturally everybody claps when they sing*. So, the mosquito was not helping itself actually, instead putting itself to death indirectly. =X It's definitely funnier if you can tell this verbally rather than in words.


Lately, I am busy watching Girls Out Loud, a reality live show hosted by Rosalyn and Wendy Cheng a.k.a. xiaxue. I came across to this through the browsing over of Xiaxue's biodata on wikipedia. Anyway, it's really quite an entertaining and full of laughters show which is not time-consuming. Most people won't be patient to sit down and watch a 2 hours show. At least, I'm not.

It's highly recommended though it's a pretty old show which is a little out dated now. We are all entering to the 2011 year next year. That show is produced during 2005 if I'm not mistaken. However, a nice show is always worth a watch, same goes to music.

You can catch up Girls Out Loud via Each episode has 3 parts and they are really just short and not tedious. I enjoyed most of the episodes. Now, I'm at up to episode 6. Ha- Regarding the content of the show.. It's like entertainment stuff that you probably wanna watch after a hectic day of lack of laughters. It comprises anything I think.. From career, to love and to many others. 1 word for it, funny.


I realised something about humans. Most of us are busybody at times but I think I really experienced it myself lately. Ha- I didn't expect my blog to have this many views. Maybe, it is because of the recent issue which caused the havoc. Many people are concern about how my life is maybe. Ha- Whatever it is, thank you!! ; ) 


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