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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why Girlfriend And Boyfriend Think That Way?

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I slept pretty late last night to finish up the research on the cheap hotels around Singapore. It's really a sickening thing to do because it's troublesome. First, I have to look for cheap accommodations from Google. After that, I need to filter the list of accommodations factor by factor. And then, the price comparison of course. I need to look out a cheap and able to fit in 4 people accommodation. It's not easy you know to get one that able to fit in 4 people and meets the budget you have set as well as the consideration of location and facilities. Well, there are a lot to ponder when comes to booking accommodations from the Internet. Maybe, I just don't really believe how it is displayed. And albeit you have confirm the accommodation suites your liking, you still need to confirm with that somebody over there whether there is still any empty rooms left via email or phone. We need to really emphasis on the price because we are Malaysians! = / OK that makes us sound really very poor but we are you know, compared to them. =X They are like filthy rich when they are in Malaysia, spending like a tycoon.

The thing we have to understand is that, currency is a big headache if you come from a poorer country.

SGD 1 = RM 2.23 approximately with many figures after the digit '3' 


RM 1 = SGD 0.40 approximately with many figures after the digit '4'

The difference there is pretty huge and is a burden for an average income family like mine. It's gonna be a costly trip I believe because of the currency difference. Sigh. Anyway, if you want to go for a trip, that's what you haaaaaave to pay for. Sometimes, I wish I'm a Singaporean who can always visits Malaysia from time to time and act like a rich shopping woman here. Ah~

Singaporeans' SGD 1 is able to exchange with 1 cup of large slurpee in Malaysia. = /

OK, I admit I envy. Who doesn't? -dung-

Alright, what I want to talk about today is not entirely about currency. Let's move on to my life story now. I have discovered something interesting last night before I doze off. I often have that habit of thinking of everything before I sleep. That's a bad habit and I hope that neither practises that. It's really a bad damage to my health. = / I can't help it though. The freaking brain has too much work to do and is reluctant to rest when it's already time for it to rest.

I believe that this little colourful schematic brain diagram is not really a scary nor gross one to you. Why? We see it everywhere in books. OK. Good explanation. Let's move on to see the real brain. Skip below if you hate to see organs. Well, I didn't know I could find them that gross until I just experienced it just now. I don't think I really like to see organs that much. = / I am not that anti to blood but organs.. Yea~ 

What is this?
Baby's little brain in the.. 
What do you call this already?
Oh yeah! The petri dish! 
It looks small because we all know the size of the petri dish.
Or maybe there are many sizes of petri dish? 
OK I don't know. 

See a joke here. 
Notice there's a symbol at the center of the picture?

Alright, this looks real to me
There is still blood everywhere the brain.
=X whooosp I really don't quite like this. 
It looks gruesome to me. 
Definitely it is. 
What do you think??

OK, I don't know why we are getting further and further from the thing I want to talk about today. Ha- 

I have come out with the idea of listing why your girlfriend is like that when they are interacting with different people. Check it out. 

When girlfriend is interacting with a friend...

Friend : Hey! How are you doing?
Girlfriend : Fine. 
Friend : Any problems troubling you?
Girlfriend : Yes.
Friend : What is it? 
Girlfriend : My boyfriend, he treats me bla bla bla 
Friend : I see. You should bla bla bla 

When girlfriend is confronting with the boyfriend...  

Boyfriend : Hey honey, how are you?
Girlfriend : Not really feeling good.. 
Boyfriend : Why? What bothers you?
Girlfriend : *should I say or no that the trouble comes from YOU*
Boyfriend : Hmmm? 
Girlfriend : Alright. I say but you promise me you will listen till I finish and accept what I say. 
Boyfriend : OK. Shoot.
Girlfriend : OK. I think that you are really bla bla bla 
Boyfriend : ...........
Girlfriend : You know when I'm really sad, you just can't bla bla bla
Boyfriend : ...........
Girlfriend : You have no idea how sad I am and you just can't be bothered to change despite I have told you a million times. 
Boyfriend : Anything more to add? It's my turn now then. I think YOU are MORE bla bla bla 
Girlfriend : WHATEVER! You agreed to accept what I say and now look at what you are talking right now! 
Boyfriend : You the one bla bla bla.. 

Explanation : So you see, a girl always finds it better to talk to a friend rather than her boyfriend when she is having a conflict with him. The reason is because, boyfriend usually find it harder for them to absorb things like this from their girlfriend. They will end up quarreling. 

I always believe that in order for a couple to be together longer, BOTH of them need to know how to compromise and give in at times. I absolutely and firmly note that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a couple to hang on forever if one is forever giving in and the other is forever taking everything for granted. Agree? 

I'm NOT a love expert at all so I know you may think I have no say about this. After all, I'm not really a successful one that you think I have no quarrel at all in my relationship. But, I think I deserve some rights to share my thinkings after being through various stuff in a relationship. So, here it goes.. 

Girlfriend : Do you like this?
Boyfriend : It looks great on you.
Girlfriend : How about this? *picking up another garment*
Boyfriend : No one wears this more perfect than you do. 
Girlfriend : And how about this? *picking up the third garment*
Boyfriend : Gorgeous and sexy, definitely is your choice. 
Girlfriend : *putting down all garments* Can't you be more persistent and give me a definite answer and not changing them from time to time?
Boyfriend : ........

OK so you see, boyfriend is usually patient when comes to shopping with their girlfriend. They probably don't mind to be the man holding the handbag and garment bags. However, when you ask them about opinion, this is how they are going to be. Giving the girlfriend various answers which sound alike, this frustrates the girlfriend. 

Girlfriend : Fine. I will get the first one. 
Boyfriend : Since you know which to buy, why still ask my opinion? 
Girlfriend : Because I want to know your opinion.
Boyfriend : And after I voice out my opinion, you still stick to yours. What's the point? 
Girlfriend : Tsk... Shut up...! 

In this case you see.. Girls change their minds swiftly and maybe I just shouldn't say so.. Girls always prefer to hear opinions prior DECIDING something THEMSELVES. Girls think things more objectively. They don't like structure questions. It's easier for their brain to think A better, B better or C is better? So you see, that's the reason why girls ask for opinions. However, on the gents side, you people must have thought that girls are the nuisance thing ever because they ask for something and eventually not using it at all. You feel unappreciated and disregarded. 

Here, what I want to point out is the difference between the thinkings of solutions for guys and girls. You have to accept that male and female are two different creations of God that are both humans but with different personalities and thinkings. You can't make one think the way you want (because you are a male/female). Understand me? 

Swift and direct. 
Yes/no are the only answers for them (No such thing as Maybe)
They prefer to think on their own. 
They find you unappreciative if you DON'T use their suggestion (no matter how much you thank them after asking for their opinions) 
When you ask them about something, and they tell, you are not happy, they are EVEN not happy.
When you ask them something, they think that you are asking them to DO it. (which is not what the girls intention is sometimes) 

Slow and complicated. 
There is always a Maybe in every cases to us. Why not? 
They prefer to ASK for opinions before DECIDING THEMSELVES.
They really appreciate the gentlemen's suggestions but often, they are misunderstood the other way round.
When they ask the gentlemen for opinions, what they want are OPTIONS so that their brain can decide easier which to choose.
Their brain is more rigid and it's harder for them to filter the options out from the problem. 

OK, I'm getting tired too. I hope that gentlemen can understand the ladies better. That way, we can save up a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings. Nobody wants to get anybody in the trouble in a relationship you know? Nobody. So, stop pointing your finger on anybody when you are in a fight. The fight doesn't happen if you don't get yourself indulge in it. Agree? You simply have to because what I say is TRUE. 

Everybody is having a headache in them 
And when you have a fight, 
Don't think that other one is not having a headache at the same time
Because, you never know how much your own words may hurt your parter sometimes.

Many people commented that Lydia is a stubborn girl. Uh huh uh huh.. Yes, I am in some ways that people think I am but I am not really that stubborn in all areas. I am a rational person. I am serious about this. I repeat myself again, Lydia is a rational person. She's not stubborn all the times like you think she's not reasonable at all, expecting the whole world to accept what she thinks. 

Until today, I refuse to accept that kind of opinion on me is because I know I am not. Why bother to say that you are when you know yourself that you are NOT? It's a big lie to admit that yourself is like this and like that as well as lying to others that you are but actually you are not. Get what I mean? Admitting yourself something when you are not that something. You may ask WHY I'm so sure about this. Good question. Reason is because I believe that nobody knows yourself longer than you yourself do. 

I have known myself for almost 19 years which I think nobody else knows me longer except my parents and God, AND myself. Agree? Further more, I have a device that can tell me better than anybody else what I really think and feel. That is my heart. You doesn't own that and obviously, you can't know how I feel at many times when you think I'm being stubborn and unreasonable. Why? Because you don't know me. 

Apart from that, I think this has something to do with your own principle of life. I can't satisfy the whole world by condemning myself you see.. The world is so big and I'm so minute among them. If I were to do that, I will be vanished long time ago. Tsk. I live for God, my parents and myself. I cannot sacrifice myself that way for the people who do not really know me, understand me. This is a very important principle which I think everybody should practise, at least know, OK? Life's short, don't live a way that people think you should when you know you are not like what they said. Of course, this doesn't include doing something out of the nature of circle. I'm not asking anybody to be abnormal. 

All in all, my point is, be yourself and be truthful to it. Don't accept people's wrong judgments on you and hide a side and think and think and think with no solution. OK, the only solution I think they will come out with is : Change themselves because that's what people say they are. Ha- The biggest bullshit ever. 

Love yourself good enough. 
Be responsible to yourself. 

Know the differences between a guy and a girl.
Learn to be more understanding and listen. 
You can't live together by tolerating the rest of your life?
You can't gain real happiness by hiding your own sadness? 
Think about it. 

Everything is vice-versa

Cuz, you never want to be the emo one at the middle of no where
Open up your heart, listen to what your partner says.. 
Because listening is one of the best ways to know them better. 
You can't simply judge them from what you see entirely without hearing to them
Everybody deserves a chance to explain for themselves. 

Cheers to the world. ;)
God's love is everywhere. 


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