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Friday, December 03, 2010

A New Beginning

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This is my number N blog. I have switched a number of blogs and here I am again at this brand, new 'environment'. Things simply have to be changed when it's time to. Basically this blog will be portraying jolly stuff, unlike the previous ones. In Some People Say, I will put in a majority of interesting stuff which I come across like jokes, pictures or any forms of  sight entertainment which I can fit in to this blog. Well, there will still be some personal stuff of mine which consists of my memories with my loved one and peers. And when the inspiration flies across the roof of my brain, maybe I will contemplate posting some dedicated products of mine to be shared with all.

I have been reading Cecelia Ahern's books. Now, I'm reading her second one, not following chronologically, The Gift. It's her 6th published book if I'm not wrong. I have yet to finish the story. My bookmark is resting peacefully with no disturbance at all on page 105 for the whole day. I didn't have the time to read today. It's a good book which is really highly recommended to teenagers. The language used is pretty direct and easy to comprehend. Besides, her stories are always related to some magic and a sense of familiarity. The reason why I enjoy reading her books is that she has a persuasive and interesting writing style.

Cecelia Ahern 
The Best Newcomer 2004/5 at the British Book Awards (PS. I Love You)
Irish Post Award for Literature 2005 (Where Rainbows End)
Corine Award (Where Rainbows End)
Fun Fearless Award 2007 (If You Could See Me Now)

The first book I came across. 
A Place Called Here 
It is about a girl named Sandy Shortt developing peculiar interest in lost things ever since her classmate vanished in thin air out of no reason. Then she got to know this man, Jack Ruttle who was also in the midst of finding his lost brother, Donal Ruttle. He thought of getting some assistance from Sandy for she is prominent of finding lost people. However, Jack's hope turned into ash when he realised that Sandy was also missing. Sandy was at a place called Here and the only thing she had in mind was to find her way back home...

The Gift 
It's the second book I'm still reading now. 
Well, no review for it yet since I have not finish reading it. 
Anyway, it's quite a nice story I can say. 

"Maybe that's all for the sharing for tonight. 
It's pretty late and I really should get to bed. 
Have a good rest and candy dream everybody."


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