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Friday, December 03, 2010

Tomato Macaroni

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I endeavour baking but I never really able to have a successful outcome. The reason is because I am not good in baking and I don't know how to control the electric oven. = / My house used to have a little microwave oven last time when we haven't bought the electric oven. In those times, I find it even harder to bake because on the microwave oven bar plate, there are even more confusing buttons-Grill, Bake, 15 min, 1/2 and whatsoever. The electric oven is more user friendly compared to the microwave oven anyway. It has only 3 big wheels- Type of heating, duration setting and temperature. Of course, not forgetting the small power button.

Alright, cut the long winded introduction. Let me introduce my little creation. Well, the lighting was real bad hence the photo turned out really crappy. I hope that you still be able to figure out what it is anyway.

This is egg tarts.
Obviously, they are by visual aid. 
As you can see, the picture quality indeed is a little too bad. SIGH

This is my first attempt on egg tarts. I followed the recipe from a video in youtube. Well, well--- It does has the appearance there you can see (despite the ugly mould crust). Overall by appearance, I think I deserve 6/10. However, I cannot deny that its taste is a little out because it is TOO SWEET! I do not really have a sweet tooth and I really don't like things to be over sweet. The filing is perfectly OKAY as I modified a little due to discrepancy in ingredients. I substituted the fresh milk with some self-prepared milk powder liquid. Well, that does not affect much you see. However, the crust is really too sweet for me and I couldn't believe that Dad and Mom said it's quite OKAY. OKAY in the sense of really OK I mean. The recipe from youtube is not really reliable completely. And I learn my lesson this time. SIGH. 

Dry noodle 
I did this last week as tea break. 
I'm really a dinosaur ~! 

Besides dry mee, I thought of eating tomyam mee at the same time.
Hence, 2 bowls of noodle for 1 teabreak =X

Umm.. I would like to share a genuine self discovered recipe of mine. People often spend RM 5 to RM 16 or maybe even more on pasta like spaghetti bolognese, seafood spaghetti, macaroni cheese and many more.. Isn't it good if you can buy some pasta from the grocery at a low price and prepare a plate of super-duper-yummy pasta at home yourself? Here, I am going to share with you all an easy and handy recipe which can satisfy those pasta lovers. Well, I am one myself. I love cheese but I'm not good in handling cheese. 

^ That's just a name I just gave for my dish. =P
Duration : 20 minutes. 

Macaroni (how much you wanna eat?)
1 tomato 
1 garlic 
1 small onion
1/2 bacon optional
5 shrimps  optional
1 crab stick optional
1 egg
Maggie tomato ketchup 
Maggie chili ketchup 
1/4 of a tomyam cube 
Plain water 

Frying pan
Boiling pot 
Chopping board 

Chef's friendly note : 
The ingredients as well as the utensils list are really common things that everybody's house has. And most importantly, not all the ingredients listed above are a must. Some are optional and you can certainly substitute them with any other things you have in your refrigerator. The ones highlighted with optional can be substituted with some other relevant ingredients. In this recipe, I used shrimps, crab stick and bacon as the meat but of course, you can use some other kinds of meat like chicken, beef, turkey or some others. Besides those highlighted with optional, I would recommend that it is better for you to stick to the same as what stated here for guaranteed yummy pasta. = )


1.   Clean the pasta by rinsing them. Immerse them into a pot filled with adequate water.

2.   Boil them at a moderate temperature until it is cooked. You can try with a fork. If it is soft and eatable, you can switch off the fire. Do not remove the macaroni from the water yet because it will dry off fast when it is expose to air. Let them be in the water while you prepare for the sauce. 

3.   Prepare the sauce ingredients. Firstly, chop 1 onion and 1 garlic finely on the chopping board. 
This is the size of the garlic and onion which I am talking about. 

I usually chop them finely together for an assumed better taste

4.   Now, wash a tomato and cut them into small cubes. 
Please remember to peel the skin before cutting them half or in any shape.
You won't be able to peel them easily after spoiling the perfect round shape of the tomato.

That's how it will look like after cutting them. 
I made them into small cubes so that they will be cooked faster.
Another reason is because I hate tomato.
This is the only way for me to eat them (small and tiny so that I do not realise I'm eating them)

5.   Cut the bacon into slices. 

6. Cut the crab stick into slices too. 

7. Peel off the skin of the shrimps. Then, cut them into smaller pieces. 

8. Alright, we are done with the preparation of the sauce ingredients. Now, pour some oil into the frying pan to be heated up. You really do not need much oil. Just a little will do. Then, put in all the ingredients prepared earlier (garlic, onion, tomato, bacon, crab meat and shrimps) into the heated frying pan to be fried. 
Well, just like this in case what I described above is not clear enough.
Photo always tells a better story. 

9.   Fry them for about 3 minutes under moderate fire. You may add a pinch of salt and pepper for seasoning depending on individuals. Add some water in case it is too dry. Do not wary if it looks too watery because we are going to put in an egg later on. Of course, do not make it over watery by putting in too much of water. Put a little at a time. 

10.   Beat an egg into the mixture of ingredients in the frying pan. 
This is how it is when the egg just hit on the frying pan from its shell. 

11.   Stir the egg once before it is completely cooked so that the egg and the ingredients will mix together. At this time, you can add in the tomyam cube. Also, pour some Maggie tomato ketchup and Maggie chili ketchup into the mixture by the ratio 2:1. However, you are free to control the amount you want to put in because it varies among individuals. Stir well. You may still add in some water if you think the source is too dry and thick. 

12.   When the source is ready, you may take up the macaroni into a clean plate. Next, of course, pour the sauce on top of the macaroni. And now, your tomato macaroni is ready to be served. Enjoy. 
Enjoy ~ ^^ 

I'm finishing it~ Wuahaha

This is a healthy with less oil pasta recipe. 
I hope that you will like it too. 


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