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Saturday, January 08, 2011

First day of the Second Week of 2011

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Today is the first day of the second week of 2011.

I still cannot believe that I am already enrolling myself in the degree programme. = / I sound OLD and BIG now (NOT physically OK!). Last time, I used to think that 20 years old people, as long as their age starts with digit 2, I see them as adult. However, now I feel really awkward to be 20 myself when I actually still feel like I'm just a young girl inside. ^^ Time flies-- That's all I can say..

I, we, used to go after many things when we were young. I admit I'm a studies conscious person. So, I put most of my times on studies last time besides hanging out with friends and stuff.

Let's flash back my life--
What have I done so far in my life--

Infant : Drink milk, cry, eat and sleep.

3 years old : I went to kindergarten. Mom was worried for me because she said I was so short, I couldn't even climb the bus stairs steadily. I was determined though. Mom said I was persistent to go to school because I saw my brother went to primary 1. = = "

6 years old : Normal kindergarten lessons - - -

7 years old : I went to SJK (C) Pay Fong II for my primary studies.

10 years old : I got position number 29th from 11th. I was so sad. Huhu..

11 years old : I bucked up. I studied. Hehe- I got number 4.

12 years old : I had my first public exam - UPSR. I was not really that studies conscious last time because I don't see it that important yet. I got 6 A and 1 B in UPSR. The B was Chinese Writing. I suck at it and I decided to drop it after that. I know I will never do good in it.

13 years old : I went to SMK Canossa Convent to continue my secondary studies. I was in the first class. So happy~ I was in second class last time and it was my first time to be in the first class. Quite excited uh-huh.. Everything was brand new.. New environment, new friends.. I cycled to school everyday last time. The school was 1 km away from my house.

14 years old : I was so excited to get myself promoted to be a probationary prefect. And yes, I got it. I envied those seniors with blazers last time, I thought it was cool to have one on my shoulders too. How naive - -

15 years old : Yay, I got my tie and the blue ribbon (for probates) in the dustbin. I had my PMR too. I did not go for any tuition and determined to study on my own by buying books and stuff.. I achieved an excellent 7 straight As in PMR. I was very happy because I was one out of the few lucky souls. Many missed BM during my year. Tee hee.. My hard word was paid off. I learned web coding and design on myself. Reading the codes and designing my own website can be both fun and frustrating.

16 years old : I was put into the science stream. Yes, if you ask me whether I regret or not, NO definitely because I love Science and Mathematics a lot. If your results is good, you really should enter the science stream because life there is so different from any others. = = " I like science stream, I will always support science stream. Uh Form 4.. I was a bad student. I slept in class almost everyday. = = " It was like a culture there for Form 4 students. I wonder why.. I had a few tuitions in Form 4. Reason was because I was quite busy with co-curriculum in school and I slept too much during class. Anyway, I enjoyed tuitions because I have always wondered, what's so nice about having so many tuitions.. I had that experience already. I love Physics tuition. Although it was very tiring because Sir always gave us 1 hour test at the end of every lesson, I love it when my friends and I went to 7 Eleven after the tuition. I attended more than 10 + camps during that year itself. I was very busy that time.

17 years old : I sat for SPM and I was a little disappointed. I got only 7 A1, 2 A2 and 1 unexpected B3 from EST. Sigh.. All the subjects which I was not that confident in turned out to be an A1 whereas those that I thought was a confirm A1 turned out to be A2 and B3. Tsk.. I couldn't understand how I got a B3 for EST. -slaps forehead- I went to work at Poney Garments Sdn Bhd as junior sales coordinator after my SPM.

18 years old : I was opted to attend the second batch of National Service at Ulu Pari Camp, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. I had a few conflicts with a few people.. I even cried during the camp! = = " I had the experience of busy searching for scholarships online and everywhere when the SPM result was out. Also, I experienced how realistic humans are. When I scored straight As in PMR, the teachers in school smiled to me like they never did before and when I missed an A to be one of the straight As scorer, they treated me like one kind. OK, I got it. I understand too. Nevermind, God treated me fair enough. I was given a scholarship course : B. ED. TESL under IPG. I joined this programme without knowing it was TESL initially. I simply took it because I thought this was definitely a better choice compared to STPM. I left STPM. I was enrolled in the TESL foundation programme in July. I found my true love here too. <3

19 years old : I celebrated my first valentine with my first boyfriend. <3 Also, it was my first time receiving a bouquet of flowers. It was a bouquet of 99 hand folded paper roses.

20 years old : Here I am, solid 20 years old! "HELLO!"


OK skip the stuff above if you are not interested to know about my biography. = = "
Haaaa.. Too bad.. I believe you already read at least 1/4 of it before you read this~
That's my intention anyway..
For you to know me better! ^^

Below is something about what is happening RECENTLY - -

Neat Bun 


What you need?
Go to any hair beauty shop.. 
Get the band below \/
The price is in the range of RM 3.90-4.90 (from my survey la)

This is the thing that you use to tie the bun.
It's something really famous nowadays. 
Many people are using it. 
All I know about this thing is : It originates from Korean?
Anyway, I find it cute so I bought 1. 

Why I show this to you?
Cuz you may be like me, 
wondering what is the thing they use to tie their hair to create the nice bun. 

You will see this when you buy the band ^

Brief translation : : Don't expect it to be directly the same : : Because I'm neither good in Mandarin / English

Step 1 (OPTIONAL) : If you have layered hair or you want your bun to be tighter, you can tie a pony tail as a start off. If your hair is straight cut with less layered hair, you can skip this step.

Step 2 : Insert your hair into the hole of the band. Press the band by applying some force as though you are ironing your hair with a hair straightener (if you know how the hair straightener looks like and functions). 

Step 3 : After pressing your hair hard between the band's upper and bottom surface, pull your hair up until the bottom most of your hair as shown in the diagram (You understand right???)

Step 4 : Roll your hair outwards (forward). See picture for better illustration. 

Step 5 : Bend the two ends of the band inwards (to your neck). 

Step 6 : Adjust your hair to cover up the two ends of the band. 

Step 7 : Done. 

 : ' `  " My Experiments 

"I know it's quite messy~"


January 2011 LOVE hamper <3
Twisties + Low Fat milk + Cornflakes 

This is something that we planned with the intention that we are able to save money from buying any unnecessary stuff. Every 20th of every month, we will shop for each other's groceries not exceeding the price range of RM 15. Apparently it is for remembrance of our anniversary date, it is also something called.. Romantic surprise for me. We need to keep the items that we bought until 20th only we can hand it to each other. <3 Life has to be like that sometimes.. Or else, it will be very boring at here. 


Do you know what is this?

Answer from the genius : (^^)
Many people don't know. So, it's OK if you don't know too. You are not stupid -pat pat little head-
I sew this 'thing' myself. I made 2. One for him and another one for myself. It's a cushion seat for bicycle. The three lines that you see are actually springs. It is to fix the position of this cushion on the actual bicycle cushion. This cushion functions as to increase comfort level of your ass when you are cycling. ^^ End of explanation. 


Can you see meeeeeee.... ?

If you can, thank you, 
and congratulations
You have sharp eyesight. 
I purposely made the photo SMALL 

OK, no matter how bad your eyesight is, 
I believe you can see me now. 
Unless.. You are blind. =X 

Owh.. How cute I was last time..
With my smart outfit! 

During NS last day
I couldn't imagine how good my figure is last time.. 
Well, it is call good because I'm comparing it to NOW
=(( Sob.. 

You know what??
I was really quite slim last time.. 
= / Before I left home to study outside. 
My weight has increased around 11 kg. @@

Front view

Back view

And hello!
When can I return to this figure?
= / 


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