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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

MUET band 4 finally

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I'm very happy today. My hard work has paid off. They did not end up in drain. Due to the first attempt failure, I lost my confidence in tackling MUET. However, I'm really glad that I have him around to support me. Also, I would like to thank Miss. Audrey Wills for her great help as my MUET online tutor. She is a great teacher that really ables to give a lot of help in how to answer MUET examinations. Check out her website if you are preparing yourself for MUET and have not much guidance. Her website is a good source about how to tackle MUET.

I was not really serious about the first attempt on MUET. That's why, I got only a band 3. Tsk.. How sad to think back about that.. *wipes everything away* Phew! I'm brand new now! XD *chest up and proud* I'm a band 4 now! XD Ha- OK, nothing to feel really wow about because it is just 1 band higher. Anyway, I only need a band 4 to graduate. I can't bear to repeat the damn 4 papers examinations again and again. Tsk.. I had a bottle of Yu Ren Sheng chicken essence that morning before I went for the examinations. Ha-

MUET needs a lot of brain focusing..
It eats up a lot of brain cells..
So, if you cannot stay concentrate on one thing for too long,
remember to take chicken essence.
It works for me, hopefully for you too. ^^


I am now enrolling in the first semester of the degree programme. Well, everybody is nervous. I am too, of course. Everything is like brand new and so unfamiliar. I gotta need some time to get used to everything now before things going to get tougher in future. I'm starting to realise the differences being an undergraduate and a foundation student. Everything is really different.

Since everything is new, everybody needs time to get used to it. 24 hours a day is really too little to be shared sometimes. However, this is just how it works when you are in a relationship. Everything you do, you just don't do it alone but with somebody special.

Last time, I always find it good to have a boyfriend of the same course and same class. However, this kind of thinking is not true. It does not only caused the girlfriend to be really dependent on the boyfriend but also a kind of invisible pressure to the boyfriend if the girlfriend is doing better than him. This is no good for both. However, the feeling of always being together is always better than missing somebody far abroad. That kind of miserable missing feeling, I wonder whether I can take it or not---

I love him but sometimes I got really emotional and angry, I will not be able to control some of my facial expressions.
I care about him but I don't know how to get my words sound nicer because I am too nervous to speak to him the importance and neglect the tone of how to speak to someone who is feeling down/sad.
I want to be with him forever!
So, marry me!
XD Bwaahahahaha..
Just kidding ~

If sugar is sweet, I hope that you are a giant sugar, so that I will never finish consuming you. 
Love you! 


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