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Friday, January 21, 2011

God and Humans

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I just came back from church not long ago. To be precise, I just took my dinner/supper. I'm going to share a little about what Pastor Goh preached today. He mentioned 2 things which I think are light and easy to digest. So, here we go-

1. Golden Triangle 
This basic diagram above is illustrated according to Pastor Goh's description and my understanding. 

In a marriage, it is very important for both the husband and wife to be Christians because in that way, their priority love will go to God. So, as you see from the diagram displayed above, God's position is at the top most of the triangle (peak) whereas the wife and husband are at the left and right position of the bottom of triangle. I'm going to use a little illustration to explain what I ought to translate from Pastor Goh's sermon so that you understand better how it works. 

Situation 1.0 
Indicators : 
Green : Relationship with God 
Red : Relationship between spouse 

Explanation : 
As you can see, in the diagram shown in Situation 1.0 above, the husband does not have a good relationship with God compared to his wife. In other words, he is more distant from God. The green line shows you the measurement of the intimacy relationship between one and God. I hope that it's clear and you can comprehend from the visual aid provided above.

Hypothesis : The further one is from God, the relationship between the spouse will be worse. 

Situation 2.0
Indicators : 
Green : Relationship with God 
Red : Relationship between spouse 

Explanation : 
If the husband and wife are close to God equally, their relationship between each other will be better as well. In other words, a couple will be able to achieve best intimacy between one another if they have a good relationship with God equally. It will not work in one way only (like in Situation 1.0). It needs both to be equally good in relationship with God in order to have a good relationship. 

Hypothesis : 
The nearer one is from God, the relationship between spouse will be better. 

Conclusion :
Have a good and intimate relationship with God and you will be able to enhance both of your relationship at the same time too. That is why, it is vital for couple to implant the same belief to one God, that is the King of the Kings of the world, Jesus Christ and the holy spirit. Amen. 

Often, you might not see the significance of getting a Christian partner but it is going to be a BIG problem in future when you got married to each other. 

I pray very hard that I will not end up to be one of the victims who suffers from partially Christian family. I really, really, really hope that my spouse is a Christian and my family later on will be a blessed Christian family too. Please pray for me, whoever that reads until here. Thank you. 


2.0 A Story During Christmas 
This story was about a wealthy merchant. It was Christmas. Everybody was rushing back home to celebrate with their family however this merchant was yet to be home. He was having a business with somebody at a place far from his home. When he finished dealing his business, there was a heavy rain pour out of sudden. 

"Ah! The rain is so heavy! How am I suppose to go home? It's Christmas! How come God allows the rain to be so heavy tonight? I am trap at here and my family are waiting for me at home." The merchant grumbled in frustration. 

Just then, there was a robber who intended to rob the merchant. The robber was having a pistol and aiming towards the merchant. Immediately, the merchant went up to his horse and rode as fast as he could to avoid from being shot by the robber. The moment when the robber wanted to pull off the trigger, the pistol did not produce any sound of bullet explosion. It was because the rain water had caused the bullet of the pistol to be wet and hence, it was unable to be fired. 

So, the merchant was able to escape successfully home. He was thankful and told his wife about the incident while enjoying the turkey meal that night which was actually a thanksgiving meal for him. 

The moral of the story : Don't grumble that God does not know what He is doing at times when you are in trouble. He always has His plan and He never fails the ones who believe in Him. Amen.  

That's all for today. 
I hope that the content is useful for you. 
All the best everybody! 
It's weekend for me starting tomorrow. 
Woo hoo!


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