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Thursday, January 20, 2011

What kind of person you are?

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There are two distinctive about humans which I would like to share today.

Two distinctive about humans 
  1. Absorb and just accept
For the first type of human, they simply absorb and accept what people say to them/about them. In regardless of content, they just accept. And I have come out with a few reasons why they are like that (according to me). 

  • Afraid of being boycott by peers who are actually bullies. 
  • Their chicken hearted nature of obeying to what everybody says. 
  • Gutless in defending themselves despite knowing what being said is wrong. 
  • No stand and perception of their own. 
Example : 
A : Hey King Kong!
B : *smiles* 
A : You have a big ass there.. Maybe you should go for a diet. 
B : Yes I will. 

In a simple situation like above, A is obviously a bully and B is a poor victim. However, to those people who are categorized in the first group: Absorb and just accept, they simply do not care/dare to answer back. They will just keep silent and the most they can do is just give a smile, praying hard that the insult/stupid joke will end soon. 

Effectiveness : 
This is always a must-to-ask question. Solving problem using this kind of strategy, is it wise or stupid? I wouldn't say it is all the times stupid because in certain situations, we still need to be the dumb ass who nods whatever people say. And when is the time we need to do so? Of course it is when your lecturer/teacher is your opponent. I bet you wouldn't dare to be rebellious to him/her, will you? 

So, this strategy works for people of similar age or younger to you better than people with higher authority than you. Why? Good question. This is because those people who have higher authority than you are superior and what they say are made into enforcement whereas you are just nothing but a follower to follow. 

Be smart if you want to rebel. Check your opponent's identity and status before you shoot them dead or you probably would be shot dead on the spot by them without a chance of defending yourself. 

      2.   Rebel 

Most people will choose to keep silent and there is only a handful that will choose to rebel. Some say it is stupid to rebel because you only get people hating you in return. People will not befriend with you and you are going to be the pathetic loner. Very true, rebellious people towards those "norm" often got kick out from the circle. However, in my point of view, everybody NEEDS to be rebellious at certain times of their life to defend what is true and false. 

"Rebel" in this context refers to "fighting for your own rights" at the suitable time and place as well as in the right manner. I didn't mean to ask you to yell like a crazy fellow in the jungle like nobody's business. 

There are a few reasons why I think "rebel" is a must thing in our daily lives.. 
  • It is your dignity to fight for your own rights.  
  • It symbolizes your stand and perception as well as anticipation towards yourself. 
  • That is just the way you gain respect from people for yourself. 
  • You must tell people that you are somebody and not nothing. 
However, there are many people who think that being "rebel" is bad. Indeed, when you display your rebellious in the wrong way, it is going to reflect that you are a lousy attitude person. However, defending for yourself and rebel towards what is false and wrong are essential and vital as a human. You can't possibly be agreeing to whatever people say to you/about you. 

A : Hey! Watch your way! You broke my vase! 
B : So? You were the one who knocked on me first! You should bring your eyes out when you are walking, for goodness sake. 

This clearly shows that B is a rude and stupid person of rebelling the accusation. Instead of speaking in this way, B should say.. 

B : I'm sorry but you were the one who banged into me just now. I have tried to avoid but there are too many people here. I'm sorry for the shattered vase. 

This is a smarter way to defend yourself. Why? Saying sorry is not always the loser. Yes, people today manipulate the word 'sorry'. It doesn't carry as much meaning as it used to last time. However, the power of the word 'sorry' is still very strong. Everybody feels better upon hearing the word. 

B said sorry in this situation to show that he is innocent and he didn't do it on purpose. He clarifies himself by telling that he already tried to avoid but it is out of his control. It is too cramp due to too many people at that time. 

Basically, A has not much words to shoot B back because of B's politeness in defending for himself. For the first type of person.. He/she will probably say.. 

B : I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. It's all my fault. I should have look properly. I'm sorry. 

I am definitely not this kind of person. I am more to the second type. How about you? 

Let's talk about some culture before I end this long crappy. 

Many say giving in is a culture that people practise in their race or religion. Yes, it is good to give in but it is stupid if you do it unnecessarily. People will not only not appreciate it, they will take it for granted. In the end you are going to be the fool and yes, the fool, again and again. Why? Because giving in will never be the last thing you do as long as you have breath. 

All in all, give in at the right time; rebel at the suitable time, place and opponent smartly. 

That's all I wanna share about. For your information, my eyes are 3/4 closing already.. So, if you find that my writing above is nonsense, you may be right.. It may be nonsense partly but there are some points inside. I hope that you get it. 

Good night. 


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