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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Grammar : Negation

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I learnt something which I think I should share with everybody. Some people might already mastered it, some are confused like me and some totally might not come across it. It's GRAMMAR!

Grammar: Negation 
I know him.
 (know:main verb)
I do not know him.

I know him.-----------------(1)
Do you know him?---------(2)
In (1), "know" in the sentence is in present tense.
In (2), "Do" satisfies as present tense whereas "know" is in the base form.

She knows him.-------------(1)
Does she know him?--------(2)
In (1), "knows" in the sentence is in present tense.
In (2), "Does" satisfies as present tense whereas "know" is in the base form.

He broke the glass.----------(1)
Did he break the glass?-----(2)

In (1), "broke" in the sentence is in past tense.
In (2), "Did" satisfies as past tense whereas "break" is in the base form.

We saw him yesterday.---------(1)
Did we see him yesterday?-----(2)
In (1), "saw" in the sentence is in past tense.
In (2), "Did" satisfies as past tense whereas "see" is in the base form. 

She does not have a book.---------(1) Negative sentence.
She has a book.---------------------(2) Positive sentence.
Does she have a book?-------------(3) Interrogative.

She had a book. ---------------------(1) Positive sentence.
Did she have a book?----------------(2) Interrogative.
She did not have a book.------------(3) Negative sentence.

Credits: Pn. Norlindar from IPG Darulaman Campus. 


I went for dinner with my friends. And they told me a joke. So, for those people with THICK lips, please do not get offended. Here's the joke. 

Ever wonder why some people have thick lips?
Reason: These people's mother applied minyak kapak angin at their nipples when they were being breastfed by their mother. Hence, they got swollen and thick lips today. Tsk.. 

It's just some pervert joke that some people may enjoy and some not. 
So, if you did laugh, I'm glad that you laughed because you laughed. 

Sorry to those who get offended! I don't mean to say you are like THAT /\ too. ^^


I'm a very typical girl who is loving a guy whom nobody can tell me is he going to be the last man in my life. I envy people who got married to their first boyfriend. How sweet.. I hope that I will be able to enjoy that moment in my once in a lifetime marriage. I fall in love easily but once I seriously do, I am very loyal. It is good and also bad at the same time, depending on how you see it, when and etc. If you meet the right guy, of course there would be no problem. Everybody wishes you happy ever after but if the guy you found is a jerk, you are going to end up making yourself a fool. There are many things which cannot be explained easily when it involves love.. 


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