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Friday, January 28, 2011

Blind Journey

. . . . STATUS
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I am going to tell a story about how important specs is to somebody who has short sightedness.

*switch off your phone and any other disturbing electronic*

*adjust your seat and ready to listen to my story* 

After saying goodbye to him (my boyfriend, yes. XD), I carried my HP green laptop bag, Tupperware and handbag to my seat. I was looking at the ticket under the dim light and found myself on the 4O seat. It was a double seat and I need to sit with a stranger. That stranger was a guy.

So I settled everything and made myself comfortable. I made a few phone calls to inform everyone that I have gone up to the bus.

After a while, my eyes got sleepy and I took down my specs. I hung it on my blouse and my eyelids were shut. I turned to the left and right when I was asleep. By the time when I was awaken, I realised my specs were missing. I couldn't find it elsewhere.

I got nervous and started to search everywhere near to me, hoping that I could find it. Too bad, the luck was not on my side, I did not found my specs and it was 3 a.m.

The bus was stopping at Perak petrol station when I realised my specs were missing. I was busy finding for it and forgot to go to the toilet. I phoned him to tell him about this. He told me to look around everywhere repeatedly and ask people around me. I got a few lectures too for not being independent in solving my own problem. *pout*

So, what happened was, I missed the chance to go to the toilet. The bus continued its journey to Malacca and I had to force myself to sleep although my heart was beating furiously. I had to wistand the temptation of going to the lavatory.

I finally had my chance to go to the lavatory when the bus released its passengers at Seremban. It was like around 5 a.m. and thank God, the bus stopped. I was the only one who went down for the lavatory. Imagine it, I was not wearing my specs and I was unable to see clearly everything around me. What I could see was just 2 dimensional colourful segments. I couldn't recognised my way. I had to ask people where the lavatory was and slowly find my way to it. Thank God, I found it and successfully released what I was eager to release. Tsk.

After that, the menstrual pain started to strike me. I felt the cramp slightly and the air cond was blowing so strong that I felt the chill in my bones. Even thought I had switched off the air cond but there was still wind blowing down. I had my sweater on but it was not warm enough. I was freezing. Hence, I had to bear both cold and cramp in the lonely night.

I had to persevere until I reached Malacca. The bus took a long time to reach Malacca. It was around 7 a.m. when it finally reached Sentral. I was lucky to meet a kind hearted driver who was willing to help me to look for my specs. And thank God, he found it.

In conclusion, the experience of sitting a midnight bus alone with a stranger and had her specs lost for half of the journey (unable to see road signs, don't know where you current are) at the same time suffering from menstrual pain, temptation of going to the toilet and extreme cold air cond were really awful.

I know my story is not very interesting but it is meaningful to me.

Anyway, I would like to announce one more thing to the whole world. That is :

I am IN LOVE~~


  1. I HATEEE losing my specs. once i left it in my room together with the key! so i couldnt go back an dget it... i lost my way looking for our class!!

    glad to see that you're in love.. lucky girl =D=D

  2. Hahahahaha.. It sucks when you can't find your way.. @@ Like blind like that.. = = Haha but great experience though.. ^^ Thank you Lizamaria~ XD