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Saturday, January 22, 2011


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Mood : huhu

I woke up at 9 a.m. something and didn't sleep back again. I supposed I should study today but I am not in the mood of reading any book. =( I wonder what I should do now--

I'm looking forward to CNY. Mom said we are gonna have steamboat. I love steamboat. Why? Steamboat allows me to eat and eat non stop, just like buffet. I wish Seoul Garden has sushi too. Then, I'm surely gonna be their regular customer.

Basically, you are not reading anything informative here because I don't know what I am typing too. I'm just telling you what I think I want to do and feel right now.

What to write-- Mm hmm.. - - Let's talk something about.. IF

IF I am a rich man's child, I am going to buy everything I want without looking at the price/bargain.
IF I have Albert Einstein's brain, I am going to invent something that allows me to return to the past.
IF I have talent in piano, I am going to service in church as pianist.
IF I can modify my own personalities, I want to be cheerful and less pessimistic.
IF I can become slim without diet, I am going to eat like nobody's business.
IF I have a wish, I want to have a good mother in law in future.
IF I can marry a rich man's son, how nice would it be-- Awww...

OK, you just spent 5-10 minutes of your life reading such crap. Ha- Thanks for reading though..

I think I should proceed to something else now.. DRAMA/BOOK. ^^ Maybe.. I  should start with the drama first.

Have a nice day everybody!

I am counting down the days to CNY. I'm going back Malacca on 27th and I'm sooo e x c i t e d !


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