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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

CNY 2011

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I'm back!! Anyone misses me???

I hope you do la~ Cuz I miss you peeps too! ; )

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year to everybody! Sorry for the late greeting over here. I think everyone should have enjoyed a fabulous 10 days holiday with their family. Well, I miss home and I don't want to return that soon.

It's the rabbit year!
I found nothing nice on Google and I simply choose this.
Just in case, some people may not know that this year is the rabbit's year. 
There is a story why Chinese name every year an *animal* year.

Long time ago, the Great majesty created a contest for the animals. The rat was the most cunning animal, hence it reached first. Then, followed up by Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and Pig. That is the summary of the whole story. You can check out the detailed one online.  



The family angkat dinner we had at Long Liang Restaurant.
I like the food. 
It's not really very expensive. 
I ate very full that day by paying only RM 10 including drink.


Chinese New Year Eve
We were dismissed on 27th of January. Happily, I left IPDA to my hometown. The bus took a long time to reach Malacca. I boarded the bus at 9.30 p.m. but reached at 7 p.m. Anyway, I'm still very happy to go home. Home is always the most comfortable place ever! I miss my family, bed, air-cond and everything that I do not have at IPDA.

My paternal's grandmother's house was having water shortage problem. Hence, we went back on Chinese New Year Eve, Wednesday (2nd of February).

First Day of Chinese New Year
On the first day of Chinese New Year (3rd of February), we went to Kuala Pilah Methodist Church for morning service. I managed to capture a photo here which I think is meaningful. 

You read from the right then to the left. 
It means that.. 
Peace and happiness belong to mankind,
The highest glory belong to God.

My little cousin, Cynthia of my youngest uncle.
Does she look like me?

Then, my family and I went to visit our Auntys who stay nearby. There is this cookie which is very tasty : Sunflower seed chocolate chip cookies. Too bad, I didn't snap its photo. Of course, I am still in love with pineapple tarts. <3

My cousin's son.

Yay! Second snap!
He doesn't look over here now!

Here's a closer look of him!
Single eye-lids baby boy!

I love baby holding my finger!
I don't know why.
They are cute!

Second Day of Chinese New Year
Title : Gemilang 

I have a cousin, Jess Lee Jia Wei who just made Malaysia proud by winning the first prize for Star Idol Season 7 Competition. It is an international singing competition organized by Taiwan. Everyone of us is very proud of her. She is the first Malaysian to win the first prize which worths RM 100 000 and a contract. Besides, she is also the first to score 4 times consecutively full marks in the semi finals till finals. Well, I'm not very clear with her performance but I think she is a good singer. 

Remember to check out her songs on Youtube. She is really a fantastic singer. She sings Malay and English songs too. Just type her name "JESS LEE JIA WEI". 

Her Dad invited us to come over to their house for dinner. 

Jess Lee Jia Wei's house.

Her trophies.

That's her, Jess Lee Jia Wei
A talented and smart 23 years old singer. 

Their family dog
It has a costume!

My family having dinner.

That's how much I eat for the first and last round.

"Do you snap photo with her?

Jess Lee Jia Wei and me

Second one.

My elder brother and Jess Lee Jia Wei

My younger brother and Jess Lee Jia Wei

My parents and Jess Lee Jia Wei

Our whole family and Jess Lee Jia Wei

Jess's Dad (Uncle), Jess Lee Jia Wei, Dad, Mom

She was signing the autograph for me. 
I am lazy to scan it now.
I will post it some other day, maybe the next post. 

Don't ask why my face is so out of shape.
I'm round I know.

All are pretty except me. =X


That's what happen when nobody tells where to focus at. 


It's different from the top one. 
Just a slight difference. 


Yes, I'm wicked. 
I stand behind him, so that I look smaller.

My 2nd Aunty's youngest daughter (cousin in short)

Third Day of Chinese New Year
We went to maternal's side in the afternoon after lunch. 

Aunty's having open house at night so again, I had fabulous meal. 

Mom, Aunty and Grandma.
Aunty cooked lontong, satay, bihun, rendang and mee. 
Aunty married to a baba nyonya. 
That's why the food are like that /\

My cousin, Raymess and his fiancee, Tek Ping. 
They cooked the satay themselves.

At night.. 
It's my night activity time!

Ziyi, Laycheng and I went to Friends Cafe till pretty late. 
Yes, it's bad.. but we only do it once in a blue moon. 
I miss them very much.
Girls talk never has a fullstop.

Ta da!
Lay Cheng and Ziyi.
Prettttttty ladies!

Lay Cheng bought this souvenir for everyone of us. 
It's the second band around my wrist. 

Forth Day of Chinese New Year

All my angpaus (red packets)
Given by relatives.

Mommy's big ang pau

Nowadays, people create all kinds of decorations for ang pau packet.
This is given by my Kepong cousin. 
Mark the difference, ready?

It turns to this when I pull the end. 

OH NO...
The White Bawal Ikan bit me!

Mark the difference in size. 
= = " These fishes were sponsored by my cousin. 
Thank you Kun Kun Jie Jie. 

I'm going to introduce you something about my house.
That is, our little farm.
My mom and dad love gardening and we have our little farm behind our house.

This is Keledek Daun vegey. 
It's TASTY and I love it!

That's my mom, digging water with a home-made cangkul which can carry water. 
OK I don't know what I'm talking about. 
In short, that's my mom who is taking water to water the plants. 

Here's the lady finger.. 
Which I don't eat. 
Slimy vegetable..

This is our pineapple plant.
It has yet to grow out fruit.
We are waiting.. 

And here's the baby mango that is ripening. 

Here's the overall view of our little farm behind our house. 
Free vegetable, by paying some effort in planting them. 

It's the last night being in Malacca.
Time flies so fast..

I miss Malacca very much...

My friends suddenly turned up at my house. 
Me, Laycheng, Meilan

Laycheng, Me, Meilan

Me and Meilan

Laycheng and Me

Awful expression I have I know..
I was tired.

At 9.30 p.m., I'm supposed to depart to Malacca Sentral. 
Unexpectedly, the bus delayed until 3.30 a.m. 

I was very happy actually because I do not have to leave Malacca that soon.
So my friends and I went out to Secret Recipe and Wings Cafe.
I did not really enjoy it very much because I was apparently very exhausted that night.

The bus I boarded this time was AB Express. My goodness.. This bus was supposed to arrive at Malacca Sentral at 9.30 p.m. However, it appeared only at 3.30 a.m. 

After that, we need to switch bus when we reached Seremban which was around 4.30 a.m.

Then, it wasn't the end of the miserables. It was only the beginning. TSK.. I did not know what wad going wrong with the bus we ought to board. They wanted us to stay standing with our luggage for half an hour. I don't understand why they don't let us put our luggages in the bus first. TSK.. There, we spent 1 hour. 

So, it was around 5.30 a.m. now and I was still in Seremban. Then, the journey continued.. On the way, the bus broke down several times. It was probably because the bus did not stop operating for a long time.. It's engine was hot and hence the bus cannot go fast too. 

Around 10 something, we stopped at Bukit Gantang, Perak RnR for breakfast. There, the bus stopped for half an hour. 

So, I slept in the bus until I also not sure what time.. We had to switch bus again when we reached Shahab Alor Setar. Phew.. We only reached IPDA at 4.30 p.m. In short, we spent 13 hours to travel from Malacca to IPDA. My goodness~ It's one of my worse experiences with express bus. They are not express at all.. @@ 

Phew.. I finally finished writing this blog entry.
Yes, very long.
Thank you for whoever that manages to read finish all.
It's my effort anyway.. 
You should read all. 
^^ Thank you again.

I hate schooling.
I hate the weather now without air cond.
I had a quick bath just now and my shoulder is aching. 

Good night everybody!


  1. wow no wonder you like that farming game so much...pretty cool garden you have at the back of your house.
    and i didnt know you were related to her! your family must be very proud.

    and i like your statement "girl talk has NO full stop!" agreed!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Lizamaria : Wua so fast you notice my update already.. ^^

    Nola.. I love Farmville because of him. Hehe..

    My parents are the ones handling the farm. I hardly go down to it myself.

    *proud* Yea, we are all proud of her. You know her too?

    Yea, everything under the sky can be a topic to talk about.. ;)

  4. i heard bout her on google and yahoo news. didn't follow the show, but malaysia is very proud wat so i tumpang proud also ..=.=

    and I take my blogging life very seriously, haha so I notice updates. haha. ;);)

    he got no blog meh??