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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Stupid weather!

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I really CANNOT stand the stupid weather nowadays. It's so freaking hot! It's not only hot in the daytime but worse still at night! = / Everything turns so terribly because of the weather.

  1. I cannot have a good nap cuz the moment when I wake up, I feel like I'm in the pool of sweat. 
  2. I cannot concentrate in my work because I will be so frustrated. 
  3. My temper turns lousy again. 

I really hope that tonight or tomorrow will rain. I really loathe this weather. *wiping sweat away*

Every night, I need to take a quick chill shower to reduce the temperature of my body. However, in 30 minutes time or so, I will feel the heat rising on my skin again. Then, the process is going to begin :

Bathed (cooling) >> Sweat >> Frustrated >> Work efficiency low >> Bad mood 

The weather is not the only thing that frustrates me so much lately. Another reason why I got frustrated is because of the green bugs!

They are tiny, very, but they are so numerous.. And, everywhere.. @@ Because of these little creature, I have to shut the windows and that made me suffocated in the tiny 4-walled room. Tsk.. The weather is already VERY HOT yet the windows are shut. The green bugs will be there when the lights are on. 

There will be grammar quiz tomorrow. I'm so not prepared. Everything comes so suddenly and I feel really lost at times. There are many works to be completed. I feel that I am lacking of time. Sigh, in short, everything is so up side down now. = ( Awful days.. 


Well, I'm glad that at least there is something sweet happened today. <3 

During GERKO... 

Me : How to make him to come over to sit with me?
Weiwen : Why not you go to him? 
Me : Don't want.. I want him to come over.. 

Me : *pretending to have stomachache* Sto-mach p-ain.. Tell-himmmm... *peeping*

Weiwen : Hey, Lydia said she has stomachache.
Him : *looking don't know where* *ignoring me, TSK*

Me : Humph!! *pretending that my wrist is sprained* P-ainnnn... *peeping again* Mei Mei, tell him.. 

Mei Mei : Hey, she said (bla-)...
Him : *hand her a cloud9* 

Me : Wheeee.. Cloud9! 

In the end, I am the one who went to him. Tsk.. = = " I have a free cloud9 today. ; )

As promised..
Jess Lee Jia Wei's photo autograph
My scanner is lousy. 


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