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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fare to you My Friend, Lay Cheng

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Farewell to You My Friend 
She's Chan Lay Cheng, a close friend of mine. She's leaving to Melbourne, Australia today. Her specialized course is Accounting.

I usually address her by her Chinese name, 丽贞 (I'm sorry if I spell it incorrectly). We knew each other since Form 1 in SMK Canossa Convent. We were classmates for 5 years of schooling in secondary school. Not only that, we were also school prefects in those days. She was the former head prefect for my year, 2008. She is a girl who is smart, bright, caliber and excel in most stuff. Yes, most people do envy her achievements. She is currently a JPA scholar.

We started to got closer in Form 3. I still remembered, it was a swimming day. Last time, she did not know how to swim. She tends to walk in water, and she named it swimming. From there, we developed our friendship further until today. Many things had happened in between, be it the happy stuff or the sad ones. However, one thing for sure is that, we all grow after that.

We shared the staying-over-night pillow talk experience a few times every year. We will talk and talk, and talk and laugh and continue talking again. It's fun to talk to you because you are really a good joker. Your jokes are so lame sometimes but I cannot help it from bursting out laughters. We used to imitate our Physics teacher's expression. That is very bad of us but it is memorable moment to recollect. This girl can imitate people very well. She has that talent too I guess.

And she could sing very well too. She has a sweet voice. That is another thing I am envy of her. I like to sing but I simply cannot sing at the right pitch and tone. So, after reading this, please do not ask me to go to kara-ok, Dream Box or whatever box. I don't like to sing in the out of tune way. It's just so embarrassing. OK, back to the subject.. We were in the choir team last time. I enjoyed the one week once practice very much. I was always looking forward to it even though I know I cannot sing really as well as the others. That's the picture we took before the competition, with the typical costume that our school used to be able to provide for us. They had a new costume now, yes, after we graduated.

We used to spend hours talking under the tree at night about don't know what stories, which I also cannot remember. We always went to the 7 Eleven for Slurpee and supper after Physics Form 4 tuition. That was such a nice time.. We walked to 7 Eleven and usually spent hours there, chit-chatting, stuffing burger into our mouth and sucking the colourful, chill Slurpee. Our conversations managed to end only when our parents ring us up. Those were the days...  

This is the moment that I think we had the most fun. After graduated from secondary school, we both went to work. I was working in Poney Garments shop whereas she was working in a hotel. We always spent the evening time jogging at the park outside my house. We also went to mamak very often at night and chit-chat. Besides that, we shared our working experience, joy and tears. Aww.. What a reminiscence..

Oh yea, that was when we learned to make up. Yes, laugh. We do not know how to make up last time. We started learning it by ourselves when we started working as that is one of the pre-requisites. We shared the knowledge of cosmetics. We both were unsure actually which is the right way. We just experiment and modify as it goes. 

And now, we were all grown up ladies. Both of us were not High School students. Yet, we went to the High School Prom Night because of Zi Yi's invitation. We went for hair do and make up together at Cova. Her make up that night was done by me. *proud* 

And time flies so fast.. Both of us have graduated our foundation studies. Now, you are leaving to Melbourne whereas the rest and I will still be in Malaysia. This was the last photo before you left. Of course, there will be more next time when you are back. 

All in all, now you have left Malaysia, please do not forget us. Do think back how great the memories we shared together last time. It's always a nice feeling to think back... 

Goodbye my friend..
We'll meet again some other times... 


  1. I din know about this post till promising and enchanting the days may seem ahead,still the old days which may not as good are irreplaceable.yea I do miss everything,but my promise to all of u there is to be good here :) feel contented!take a good girl,I will too.;)

  2. ehh, lay cheng has a blog too??
    hahaha!! tumpang... take care in Aussie! =D

  3. andymau: She used to have gua.. Not quite sure.