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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vermicelli Hostel

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I didn't know it is already 10.11 p.m. So fast, the night has come. Tomorrow, I need to get back to the school life routine.

Since, I have once said that I will prepare how I made my vermicelli in hostel, so, yeah, here's it is.

*drums rolling*


Vermicelli Hostel

Ingredients: Tomyam paste and vermicelli


This is the thing I use to submerge my vermicelli so that it turns soft. 
Yes, no doubt. It's safe. Don't be frightened.
It's the Yawata plastic bag and a round plastic container?
The plastic bag is so and such that, the water doesn't flow out. 
Genius uh? ^^

Here they are.. 
Naughty dry vermicelli turning soft. 
From the big packet of vermicelli, 
take out some which you think that's how much you can eat.
Don't be greedy.
The vermicelli will expand as you put them in the boiling water. 

Yes, you gotta check and see if they are soft or not.
This takes around, 5 minutes the most.
Sometimes, 3 minutes is good enough.

Once your vermicelli has soften, get some out and put into the bowl. 
I used the stainless steel mangkuk bowl. 
The reason why you don't put all at once is that, 
the dry state vermicelli cannot fit in properly into the bowl if you put in too much at once.

Next step, of course, pour in the hot water. 
Then, you can continue to put in those remaining vermicelli into the bowl.
Now, there is hot water, the vermicelli will be soft and easy to fit in to the bowl.
This is actually the rinsing part.

After filling in with hot water..
Try to use your fork and kacau it.
It's optional actually..
but I have the habit of doing so.

Transfer the vermicelli from the hot water bowl to another clean bowl. 

This is the second time of rinsing. 

I'm rinsing it for the third time. 
Actually, there is no specific how many times or how long you should rinse it. 
It all depends on yourself. 
So long as they turn soft and edible, you can stop.
Of course, to know whether it is edible, you gotta try with your mouth. 

I rinse more than twice or minimum twice is because..
I think it is cleaner that way..
I don't want to eat the vermicelli that turns water chalky. 

OK, I'm done with the rinsing. 
I believe that my vermicelli is clean enough now.
Let's proceed.

Here comes the fun part of all.
The paste. 
Dig some out with your fork. 
I don't know what's wrong with my camera.
Why does it capture my fork to be like so dirty = = "
It's clean in fact.

Put it into the bowl and pour in some hot water. 
Just a little will do, unless you want real watery sauce. 

Taste it once you mix the paste and the vermicelli.
If you think it tastes good enough,
you can skip this step.
If not, you add more as you wish.

The pouring of the liquid paste into the vermicelli. 

Mix them well and ta-da..
Here you go, dry tomyam vermicelli.

You can add in some sea weed if you want to. 
It will add saltiness to your vermicelli tomyam.

Don't ask me what meat. 
but I can tell you, it is tasty. 

The dry tomyam was my yesterday's dinner.
I had tomyam soup vermicelli for dinner tonight.

I feel full and satisfying. 

The estimate cost for one meal of vermicelli hostel is around..
Vermicelli : RM 0.20
Tomyam paste : RM 0.30
Total : RM 0.50 only

Live healthy, 
Stay happy. 
Live longer. 

That's all I have for you today.


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