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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hate schooling and love friends

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Tomorrow is schooling day again!

How frustrating it is uh? 
I hate that too, boy!

Tomorrow class begins at 9a.m. because the mentor-mentee session is cancelled. Yippiee for that! I can sleep longer. 

Class is so boring to me sometimes. I hate it when I cannot sleep when the class is on. =X Did I just say I hate it? Yes, I did. I do. I seldom sleep so daringly while class in on and the lecturer is lecturing in front. I'm a good girl now but deep inside me, I really wish I could sleep as I wish. = / 

I used to sleep in class last time. That was during secondary school. I don't do this when I was in primacy school. I don't know why did I picked up this bad habit. = / And now, switching from sleep to no sleep, it's a little difficult. Yet, I'm already living this kind of life for almost 2 years in IPDA. As I grow older, my guts get smaller. 

That's Singapore NTU lecture hall. I googled and found it. It's huge, isn't it? I wonder if UPSI has this kind of huge lecture conference. I bet I will be one of those sleepy heads if I really get to experience that. =X It's a bad habit but sometimes I just couldn't help it. 

Some lecturers, they are just too boring. =X It's not that what they are teaching are not important, it's simply because I don't like the way it is being taught to me. I find it dull and uninteresting and automatically, I will switch off my head and my mind will be swirling somewhere else. = / I didn't want to-- I tried many times to stay alert when I feel like my mind is flying to somewhere else. I tried to catch it back but sometimes, it runs faster than me. =X Sigh. In short, it is not my wish to feel sleepy nor boring during class. I really didn't want to feel that way if I'm given a choice. My concentration cannot lasts long. 

There are many types of friends around us. Some left laughters, tears, disappointments, betrays and some even left scars. It's difficult to know which person can be your true best friend but you must never give up in looking. I'm glad to say that I have found 2 best friends, Zi Yi and Jessica. They are really very cool girls and I love them! Thanks for always being there for me whenever I'm all broken down into pieces in the pool of tears. 

I hate to stay alone and cry when I'm sad. I always hope to have someone to listen to me. I love to listen to suggestions but I am also picky at the same time. I pick to follow what I think is right from all the suggestions given. I don't need a friend to borrow her shoulder but what I only need is a pair of ears. 

I don't need many friends. In my life, I only need certain people which are meaningful to me. I'm also a person who likes to stay alone by myself at times. I don't mind loneliness in the room, seriously. Sometimes, I feel peace that way. I don't fancy those people who have friends always breaking into their room, shout and yelling until the whole block can hear them. I find them irritating and real retarded. =X For creating sound pollution to all the residents who are staying in the hostel. They are just being so inconsiderate to others. I like peace. I like quietness. So, I don't mind loneliness sometimes. 

"Lydia, why you don't mix around with people?"
"Lydia, why you always stay alone in your room?"
"Lydia, why you don't have any girl friends? You only friend with Jon?"

Yes, I don't really mix around with everyone. It's not that I'm picky in choosing friends. It's just that some people, I may not be able to communicate that well with them. I like to stay alone in my room because I feel undisturbed. I feel peace and I like it. Why I don't have ladies as my friends here... I used to be like that but now I'm switching my lifestyle. I find myself more normal now to be able to socialize with more people. 

All I wanted to say about friends is that, some friends are worth knowing but some simply are not. Some people, you can talk so easily with them but some people, you simply couldn't because nothing seems to click between us. Everything we talk, either one will feel offended or somehow I don't know which makes me feel disinterest in the friendship. I love friends who are able to understand me as who I really is, accept all my bad habits, know that I don't mean what I sometimes say and trustworthy people. It's not easy to find this kind of friends but I'm proud and happy to tell the whole world that, I have found 2! Gracious to God! 

Ziyi, Jessica and I
Friends forever!


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