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Monday, February 21, 2011

How to resist food temptation?

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I suddenly have this urge to blog about this. It's very important and I think I need to share with the whole world.


Let's make it not so formal because the content is just ordinary.

Have you ever wonder how to stop yourself from eating any junk food or any kind of food as long as it carries calories? 

For most diet-ing people, I can tell that they will come across this problem.

Reason, I experience that countless of times. I'm tired of answering that kind of question anymore because my temptation will take over whatever determination I have. It's just useless to motivate myself:

"Oh come on Lydia, stop eating! STOPPPP!"

"It's midnight already, come on! You don't want to waste your effort in the daytime just because of a short moment temptation before going to bed?"

"It's silly, don't do it. DON'T GRAB THE FOOD!"

Oh cut the craps! All these won't work because mere determination always LOSE to temptation!


We are very weak when comes to doing something consistently for a certain period of time. We tend to give up and look for some easier way to full fill whatever temptation we have inside. It's OK if we do not have strong determination to overcome temptation if we know how to tackle temptation with another weapon - ANOTHER WAY.

Alright, this sounds so lame because I couldn't think of any better name for it! Anyway, "another way" means something besides sheer determination. 

I'm really elaborating too much on something which you are not that interested to know. Be patient~ I'm almost there..

I have experimented myself that one of the best ways I have found so far to resist eating temptation at the wrong time is to :


Can't see?
I did it deliberately. =P

Alright, just kidding.


Benefits of drinking water:

  1. Replenish your body
  2. Detoxifies the toxics in your body 
  3. Keeps you from dehydrated especially in HOT days 
  4. BONUS: Hinders you from EATING 

You may find it bullshit as you may heard it somewhere else before. However, you usually will try something when somebody have tried it before. Isn't it? So, now I'm telling you that this way really works. Of course, there are a few things which are hazardous and you ought to remember when you carry out this method.

  1. Drinking TOO MUCH of water before you go to bed 
  2. Drinking water when you are suppose to fill your stomach with some food 
  3. Only drinking water and do not eat at all, thinking that you can reduce your weight  
  4. Drinking water as your main meals 

Some people said that if you drink too much of water, you will get something call Water Swollen. Alright, this is a super direct translation from Mandarin - 水肿。

I've no idea how to tell you in English but all I can say is that, this Water Swollen is something which most girls do not want to have. It doesn't only cannot make you go any slimmer, in fact it makes you bulky and looks like as though you are a water tanker full with water inside. Can you imagine your body like a container shape (it's good if you still have a cylindrical container shape) and inside is FULL with water. So, yea, that's why people say Water Swollen is. 

Anyway, I believe that drinking 1.5 litre a day is certainly not enough for an adult. You need to drink a lot of water as most diet plans, you need water to get yourself hydrated and detoxified. It's very important. So, please do not forget to drink plentiful of water a day. 

8 glasses a day? I am trying to drink at least 3 litres a day. Apparently it's because I'm taking the Evening Primrose Oil supplements. Hence, I need to consume more water than usual. 

All in all, I hope that this is helpful for those who cannot resist the temptation of sudden eating. Yes, we all experience that before. It's so common. And I hate it when I'm suppose to diet yet I'm grabbing food from else and chunk them into my mouth. After I finish chewing, sub-contented, I will start to feel guilty and thinking of how to kill those calories I have just swallowed seconds ago. Sigh, that's so pathetic! The temptation troop in me always wins over the determination loser troop. 

Anyway, I'm doing fine now with drinking water when I have the sudden temptation of eating something. I love bun and carbohydrates stuff. So, it's very easy for me to turn FAT.. = ( So, I need to think ways to stop myself. 

I'm supposed to do Collocations exercise. Anyway, good luck in dieting for those who are in the same race as me. I really hope I can slim down. Yes, I'm telling it publicly. Laugh me if you want to. Nobody likes to be born that way - Big, bulky and huge. So, you are a cuckoo if you are laughing at me now. You simply do not understand and will never will about the feeling of being a big-sized person. Girls feel more low about themselves when they are born like that. So, I am asking for you people's consideration if you are reading this. You don't laugh when you don't understand and do not stand in their shoes. I feel that, if I were to compare myself with you, I think you are the greater loser than me! And, you should be ashamed of yourself! 

Good night everyone!


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