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Monday, February 21, 2011

Gym... Workout.. Exhausted..

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Mood : TIRED

I went to our campus gym with my boyfriend and Moganis at 3 p.m. for workout. I sweat like never before! When I have finished, half of my T shirt was soaked in sweat.

Basically, what I did today..

  • 30 minutes of 3km/hr jogging on the machine (burned 164 calories, it's stated there)
  • 20 times of sit ups (it killed my belly)
  • 40 times of legs exercise
  • 70 bounces on the ball with my ass 
  • 1 KG weight lifting for per hand for 5, 5 times
  • 15 minutes of constant medium speed of biking on the machine 

This needs determination and I hope my determination really able to last long.. 

If I really can slim down, everything I undergo today will be worth it! 


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