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Thursday, February 17, 2011


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M A R R I A G E 

Marriage Definition :
The legal relationship between a husband a wife. (Oxford Dictionary)

Suitable Age :
25 years old till 39 years old?
If you marry when you are 20, people think it is too young.
And if you marry after 40, people think you are too old to fit in the bride gown.

My Perception on Marriage : 
Marriage is a commitment whereby both the husband and wife have to be responsible of. 
To me, marriage is also an "insurance" although in today's world, people can divorce easily.

Some people are scared of getting married.
However, I think that..
So long as he/she is the right one, then you shouldn't feel fear anymore.
In fact, you should be proud and happy!

That's a dream to be accomplished one day.
Because, I'm just a typical girl out of the trillion in the world.
Happy Chinese Valentines Day!

I'll be blogging about my Western Valentines soon... 
Stay tuned...


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