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Saturday, March 05, 2011

3D 2N trip to Penang-Butterworth with roommate ~

. . . . S T A T U S 
Mood : Very tired.. = /

I have not been to any trip with my roommate and I'm leaving next year. So, we decided to go for a trip to Penang. Anyway, I'm not going to talk much because I'm really very exhausted now. There's a lot of work need to be completed.

I blog to share my experience and happiness. So, whoever you are, puh-lease-la do not get agitated or make some small report to anybody if you see this post. This is a simple respect which I think everyone should understand. I'm boasting or anything- I just want to share interesting stuff that happened on me in my life.

Simple enough to understand? Let's proceed then.

Before that, I wanna show you something:
Dragon Fruit.. 
It's quite expensive here in Kedah.
I bought 3 for RM 10. = /
Heart pain, wallet bleed. 

Here we go.. 
The trip to Penang.. 

My adorable roommate, Siew Ing.
She was very excited about this trip.
That's her in the rapid bus. 

We were on the way to Gurney for Seoul Garden. 
We ate for about 2 hours plus there. 
= / We went back with a really bloated stomach. 

We stopped by at Prangin Mall for shopping.
Well, I have bought a few stuff. 

Let's say hi to my new mobile phone which costs only RM 88
It's my first attempt using Samsung.
I hope that it is like what the salesman said, 
Ordinary Samsung phones can "tahan"

I'm lazy to rotate it.
=x My intention is to show you the model : GT-E1080F

After that, we went out with Jia Xian for supper.
Well, I only took soya bean cuz I'm too full.

Most of the photos will be on food.
Throughout this journey, we have spent RM 100+ on food itself.

Everything in Nibong Tebal and Butterworth area
We took an express bus from Butterworth to Nibong Tebal (Parit Buntar) one way: RM 3.70

Before that, we had our mini breakfast at a coffee house near our hotel. 
I took a plate of Char Koey Tiaw and 3 beef meatballs.

Then, the journey took around 30 minutes. 
I'm not quite sure. 
I was very tired. 
I slept. 
And when I woke up.....
It's eating time again!


Yam rice (1)

Everything that you can find from pig 
There's pork meatball, pig's stomach, pig's intestines, pig's tongue and etc. 
I only eat pork meatball and pig's stomach though. 
The soup is so tasty! 
It tastes sourish! (2)

This is the second dish that goes together with the yam rice.
It's also pork. 
Most of the meat is lean meat. 
That's yummy for me. I don't like fatty meat. (3)

The cost for these (1), (2) and (3) is around RM 7. 
We ordered 3 servings.

We are on the boat to go to Pulau Aman. 
Go and back costs RM6.

These are the expensive ones.
These are the grade A shrimps. 
I can't remember the price but I remember it is expensive.

We went to Pulau Aman to eat this /\
Mantis shrimps.
I have never eaten this before.
It is not expensive. 
RM 2 for a grade C mantis shrimp.
The price varies from time to time.
Sometimes you can get it as cheap as RM 1.50 per grade C mantis shrimp.
However, the luck was not on our side that day.

Woooo! We ordered 12 mantes shrimps. 
To cook it, we paid RM 4. 

"13" probably is the number of the table.
Anyway, this is how it looks like after cooked. 
We ordered the steam way of cooking.
There's no extra ingredients but only the shrimps themselves.
It tastes really sweet. 

My first mantes shrimp!
I don't know how to eat. 
Ren Bing taught me how to eat. 
Well, basically you eat with a pair of scissors. 
It has razor-liked "torns" around its body
So you gotta be really careful when you remove its shell.
Yes, you need to remove its shell before you eat. 

Oh yeah, we shared a fresh coconut drink as well. 
Actually this Pulau Aman is a rural area. 
It's actually like a village on an island (it is on the island)
It's a fishermen village.

Take some break and snap some photos.
We were all really very full!

Yeee haw~

The girls and one little girl at the background.

Scream all the way~

The donkeys in the middle

Full.. Full.. Full..

My roommate and I

Roommates in action!

Who's bigger?
Answer: THE SAME
That's why we are roommates!
^^ Guess I'm gonna miss her when I am in UPSI.
She's a nice friend actually. 

More photos coming up.. 
He's tired already.. 
Well, he's very full too actually.

By the seaside..
Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Looking at the sea..

I have no idea what's so funny.
I cannot recall. 

<3 I hate to look at our legs difference! 

It's OK!
He's strong!

Yay ! Muscular legs OK! 
Hiak hiak hiak..

So relax you see.. 

My back..

Alright, here's my face~
If only you could see it.
The specialty of this photo is the bay's shape.

Ahhh I love this photo of myself!
 ; ) It's my favourite solo shoot!

My roommate and I again.

Cute~ XD

I <3 this too!


Seafood Tomyam Maggie (RM 4.50)

He ordered this. 
Seafood porridge (RM 5)
That's expensive! O.O 
Even the tomyam maggie also I find it expensive!
However, it's only once a lifetime I'll be eating there.
So, it's OK~
This porridge is expensive because there's yu piao (I don't know what it is in English)

Ikan Pari Bakar + "Snails?"
I cannot remember.. 
I only remember the snails cost around RM 8 per plate. 
There's 41 inside. 

It's my first time eating this...!
It's so yummy!
The sauce is delicious!
Well, fyi, you need to suck for the meat to come out.
Siew Ing taught me a good way of eating this.
First, you suck its back and you suck its front again.
This is the way to make all the meat comes out. 

That's how much I eat.. 

Gotta thank Mong Wei (most right) for bringing us out.. 
She spent almost the whole day with us, 
bringing us everywhere for food. 

I'm so excited.


Apam manis?
RM 0.40 Per piece.
We ordered 1 banana and another one is corn filling.

We bought some sushi when we went to Jusco.
Ha- That's also supper for the night. 
We enjoyed cards game Chor Dai Di at night.
Siew Ing loves that game very much.
And she doesn't let people sleep if she doesn't win. 
=X Awwwwww...

The next day...


Dry Bak Kut Teh 
Cost : RM 5 
We eat it with rice.
Well, it tastes like normal Bak Kut Teh except that it is DRY.

Pork noodle.
Cost: RM 4 
Yes, pork again. 

Asam Laksa 
Cost : RM 2.50

I usually like Asam Laksa very much..
But I didn't like this very much.

This is delicious!!!! 
You must try this!! 
Cost : RM 1.80 per cup
Maybe it was because the weather was too hot..
And this little cup of redbean shake actually hydrates me throughly. 

It's the end... 
We bought our ticket back to Butterworth.

Go and back from Butterworth to Nibong Tebal is RM 6,
valid on the same day.

Penang delicacies. 
Heong Bing costs RM 3.20
It is homemade. 
Crunchy and fresh.

Pandan Tao Sa Pia
I have never eaten Pandan flavour one before..
RM 9 per box. 

Before we went back, Mong Wei brought us to a place where they sell cheap kurongs.
I have bought one. 
It costs only RM 22
I'm gonna wear it SOOON...!
New clothes!
Yay.. Hehehee

I have bought a dye too. 
It's Liese brand.
I finally bought it.
I wanted to buy it previously..
He stopped me.
Hehehe.. Now, it's in my hand!

Mine will be a mixture of the first and second ones due to the earlier highlight.

Chestnut Brown?
I'm lazy to rotate~ 

I spent around RM 300 for this 3 D 2 N trip
O.O Crazzzzzyyy....
However, I spent most on food.
The things I bought are necessary and thus, I think it should be OK..

thank you,

Homework and nap time. 


  1. DYE DYE DYE! Dye your hair! I wanna seee. >.<

  2. I am thinking hard whether to do my hair first or colour it first. = / I just woke up. Woooo