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Monday, March 07, 2011

Red Riding Hood needs Brown Teddy hug..

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : = / sigh 

I am so utterly m i s e r a b l e with many problems in my mind. I chose the wrong way to solve it and now I ended up in more miserables.

I'm a person who cannot shut up when I have problems. People can see it very clearly on my face. Words like "Come and talk to me!", "Help me.. I'm suffocating from problems!" and "I really need to talk, talk to me, will you?" will appear invisibly but somehow visible in a way to people because it is all printed vividly on my face. However, I'm also a person who will go to people myself when I'm feeling unhappy to voice out my problems. All I need is just some time and patience. Is that too much? ='(

I know there are certain problems which are unsolvable. Most of the times, the best way is to leave it a side and let time does it work. Somehow, I still feel uncertain and I tend to make the thing worse by thinking to solve it faster. ='( I really wish that sometimes, problems could be solved easier without much additional problems in between. I wish that things would turn out good for me. ='( I cannot tell my problems here because this is a public blog. Words are like droplets of rain, hitting the surface of my heart, tip-tap-tip-tap, slowly and rhythmically it hits. Each hit tells me that I have a problem to solve..

"You have a 'unique' girlfriend" This is really very insulting. Whoever that said this, you are pretty much wrong in your judgement about me. You couldn't judge me that way because you don't know me personally. Certain things are important in my point of view and may not be the same in your point of view. ='( My heart aches actually when I heard this comment. Honestly, you really don't know me very well and you are just nobody to judge me that way. I wish I could tell you personally, "Please take back your words because they are not true."

I wish that my problems are not that complicated and could be simpler. I have so much headache over the same issue over and over again. Yet, nothing seems to improve anything. All I have is just accumulated troubles, one after another. ='( I wish that things will be better soon..

I don't like people who do not know me well to judge me. So, please don't do it, alright? Speak right to my face if you really think you have the necessity to do so because I will make sure I will correct your crooked mind.

='( Sigh.. I wish, there's a big shoulder I can lie on to let out a big cry. How nice would it be...

Yes, little Red Riding Hood needs a Brown Teddy warm hug.. 
Cuz she's feeling gruesomely awful in the middle of nowhere on Earth. 
She just gotta be strong on her own sometimes.
There are times, when she can only count on herself. 
Sob.. Sob... 


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