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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I'm not in a good mood. Sorry

. . . .  STATUS
Mood : bad

Yes, I'm telling you very honestly now that is,
I'm in a bad mood now (3.12 p.m.)
So, don't get near to me if you do not want to be the victim.

There are a few things today that make me really very frustrated about.

1. who do not pass something when they are asked to pass around. 
I cannot find a good reason why these people cannot do this simple thing: Pass around. 

They like to keep that piece of paper/whatever to them and cause inconvenience to others. 
It seems hard for them to just do what they should do with that particular paper/whatever and pass to the next person. 
By using this method, there is surely somebody who will be left out and great news, I am the one today. 
I hate it. I don't like people being so dumb ass, such an easy thing, they can't make it right. 

2. of close relationship with me do not be considerate with my mood swings due to PMS.
I am one of the unlucky ones out there who suffer from PMS and I usually get agitated easily during this period. So, can you people just be considerate and don't piss me off even more (if you are my close friend/somebody close to me)? It is uncontrollable, the damn hormone is running up and down in my body and I cannot control it! I cannot control how the way I speak so impolitely when I am not in the mood due to PMS. I don't blame and anticipate people who are not that close to me to be considerate but at the very least, for those people whom I think you should, can you please do me a little favour by just accept the way how I am and stop complaining that I shouldn't be like that and so on. You are not a woman, you don't know and you will never know! I hate this stupid feeling too but it is not in my grip of control. I am super sensitive during this period. I frown very often during this period. I am not like my usual me during this period. Get these noted in your head please. 

3. who says that I am not putting in any effort in doing something when I am actually putting in effort. The results may be invisible for now but that doesn't mean I did not put in any effort. And when you don't give me support, can you just shut up? It's not easy when I'm trying to gain determination and at the same time, I need to bear people bashing me with those kind of discouraging words. So, please do for me something. Shut your mouth yourself because your words sometimes really upset me. 

Phew~ I am feeling much better now. 
I didn't want to have anything negative in this blog at first.
However, I really feel emotionally disturbed just now 
and I think I need somewhere to release them out. 

I'm sorry if reading this made you upset or switch your mood to DOWN. 
I didn't mean to do so. 
I'm just expressing myself. 
There are so much frustrations in me, I do not know how to really express them out. 

(3.31 p.m.) I'm feeling much better now. 

Perhaps a good show will brighten up my following hours of the day. 

I really don't like to be upset but sometimes, 
there's always something in everyday 
that will made me feel really uneasy and unhappy. 


You know what I want most now? 
Somebody's consideration and care. 
I doubt if that person will know. 
Anyway, *sob* I will be alright. 
I'm just too pissed off just now.. 


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