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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Genesis and Exodus

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I take nap every afternoon for approximately an hour, depending on how tire I am. Am I normal?

Do you do that too? I don't know what's so tiring about my studies but I am just so tired. = /

Looks good? 
Ikan Bilis pepper noodle 
Note: The pepper is taken from MC D outlet 
It tastes OK as it is additional seasoning for my noodle 
It's better than none

I really envy people who can go overseas. = ( I hate it when I see their photos. T_T I always will have the thought, "How nice would it be if I have the chance like they do?", "How different my life would probably be with a chapter of staying overseas to further my studies?", "How different their life over there will be compared to here, Malaysia?" and many more questions which never stop fumbling my mind when I am viewing those photos. Ah.. *Throbbing heart pain* 

Maybe for those who are already in overseas, you will think that, "Ah, what's so great about being at overseas? Nothing's good. Things are expensive and blaaa" The difference between you and I now is, you have the opportunity and I don't, at all. So, I'm really envy. =( Humph.. 

Oh yay~
I managed to tie it neatly.
Well, it looked not bad from here but in real,
it was a little messy at the back there.
I used many pins to pin my hair so that they are FIXED in shape

Please ignore the view beside my head, alright?
That's my roommate anyway.
It's normal to have a messy bed after you wake up, isn't it?
Anyway, the focus should be on my HAIR

I was not in the mood of taking photo 
because I have TWO enormous exploded-pimples on my face
One is on top of my left eyebrow, another one is at the beginning of my right eyebrow
Can you imagine how ugly is it?
I believe you can and you are laughing all the way~
Whatever~ It's recovering. 

My focus here: my hair is pretty long!
Ha- I didn't notice its length until I saw the photo
I used to feel that I look utterly FAT in this b.kurung
Well, I think I'm really over-thinking because I think I look pretty OK here

Rev. Goh asked us to read Moses Reading, that was the book of Genesis, Exodus and the following 2 more books. When I read Genesis, I do not understand why has it got to do with Moses. However, the secrets revealed when I read Exodus. It's really interesting to read Genesis and Exodus. It's exactly like a story book. Do not make yourself to read too much in a day because you will tend to get boring and stop for the rest of the days. If you could practise to read one chapter per day, you will find that:
  • You will not get bored easily 
  • You will be keen to know what is going to happen next 
In Genesis, it tells about the creations of God of course. Next, it proceeded to humans' activities. The book of Genesis tells the family tree of Abraham. The son of Abraham was Issac and the son of Issac was Jacob(Israel). Jacob had many sons. The one who was the most outstanding and received God's mercy is Joseph. His brothers were envied of him because Jacob seemed to love him better. Hence, the brothers decided to murder him and kept it as a secret from their father. However, one of their brothers suggested that it was too brutal to kill Joseph because after all, he was still their brother. Hence, they sold him to a merchant from Egypt. Joseph was sent to jail to be a slave in Egypt. Egyptians do not like Hebrews. Joseph met two people who was put into jail by the pharaoh. Both of them had a weird dream one night and were unable to figure out what the dream was all about. Joseph helped to explain to them about their dreams and requested for them to ask to pharaoh to release him from the jail. In the end, one of them was like what predicted in the dream, he was put to death by the pharaoh and the other one who successfully made his way out of the jail had forgotten about poor Joseph who was still in prison. 

One day, the pharaoh had a dream too. It was a dream about a great famine catastrophe that will land on soon. The pharaoh was disturbed by the dream for a long time. Nobody could explain the meaning of the dream to him at that time except Joseph. The man who received Joseph's help and was been released from jail told the pharaoh about Joseph's ability in deciphering dreams. Again, Joseph could successfully explain to the pharaoh about his dream: a great famine was approaching. Before pharaoh summoned him, Joseph actually had a dream and God had told him earlier about the famine which ought to happen soon.

The pharaoh was worried and thus elected Joseph to take care of his lands and Egyptians' welfare. He felt that Joseph was not an ordinary man. He was a wise man. He gave Joseph the full authority before him to rule Egypt. Joseph, who was initially a man who was abandoned by his brothers, undergone sufferings in the jail had now turned into a ruler in an unfamiliar land. This was God's blessing on him. 

Like what God had told him earlier in the dream as well as pharaoh's dream, the famine happened. The land was so dry, nothing was productive from the land. People from other places are also suffering from famine, even Joseph's hometown, Canaan. However, due to Joseph's earlier acknowledgement about the famine, he had prepared sufficient food to overcome the famine. People from other places were coming over to Egypt to buy food from him. 

At this time, Jacob asked his sons to go to Egypt to get some food. Everywhere was dry except Egypt. Hence, the brothers went to Egypt to buy food. They did not know that Joseph, their abandoned brother was the ruler who was selling the food in Egypt. 

In the end, Joseph revealed his own identity to his brothers. They were surprised to know that he was now the ruler of Egypt before the pharaoh. Jacob was very happy to know that Joseph was not dead. The brothers lied to him that he was dead. 

Is this like a story tale to you? Well, I cut short certain parts but basically that's the whole thing about Genesis. Although it has 50 chapters, if you can spend 50 days slowly reading it, then you will know that bible reading can be interesting and not boring at all. 

Exodus is the starting of the story of Moses. 

As God had promised Jacob (Israel) to multiply his descendants, the pharaoh after Joseph generation was not happy with it. There were so many Israelites which made the new pharaoh felt threatened. He then made the order to ask the midwife to murder all Hebrew sons and keep only the Hebrew daughters alive. The Israelites (Hebrews) were suffering in Egypt as they were treating brutally. 

One day, a woman gave birth to a son. She darkened him with soil and put him by the river side where the Egyptian princess was bathing in. She had mercy on the little infant and instructed the mother of the son to nurse him. That son was named Moses. When he got older, he was sent to the Princess of Egypt to be her son. 

Well, that was where I stopped my reading at. Interesting? Read a little everyday and trust me, you won't get bored. It's just a matter of commitment. It's absurd if you say you can't spend like 5-10 minutes of your life reading a short passage. An ordinary article is way longer than a chapter of bible could be. So, what all matter is on the reader himself. 

If you are a Christian, pick up reading bible daily as a habit. 
It is your duty to do so. 

For those non-Christians, 
I hope that through this post, 
you will be interested in reading the bible
It is really a highly informative and interesting book.


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