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Saturday, April 30, 2011


. . . S T A T U S
Mood : so-so 

I have a lot to update. However, I'm gonna break up the updates according to its type.

Today, I'm going to blog about

UPSI TESL A Farewell Party
Supposedly, we are not supposed to have the party because the next day is our final paper. Anyway the final decision is, we had the party at Pizza Hut. 

We ordered beef personal pizza, mushroom soup, garlic bread and Pepsi which all comes under the promotion package Pizza Hut is offering now. It's the 50% discount package. I don't know why but I found myself really BLOATED that day. Usually, I won't feel that full even if I eat the Sensasi Delight meal. 

Here's are the photos of the food and people.. 

Each person 1 long bar of garlic bread.. 
That's a lot you know..


Mushroom soup
I added LOTS of cheese powder in it after that.

Cheesy lava pizza?
 The golden yellowish at the side of the crust consists of 3 types of cheese.
Cheddar and Mozarella are confirmed to be part of the cheeses. 

I'm so full you know.. 
I don't know why.. 

Some photo shoot before the pizza comes.. 

TESL UPSI A birthday cake
Moist chocolate flavour especially good for chocolate lovers.

That's how delicious the chocolate is. 
You can clearly see how moist it is and how tasty it will be in your mouth. 

While waiting for the food to come.. 
Oh.. My photos are not in sequence.
@@ I'm lazy to edit. 

Group photo 

Sin Ni and I
Our ever first photo together. @@ 

A photo taken by Lizamaria featuring me don't know doing what- 

Then, we went for bowling at the nearby Jitra Mall
Haa- It was a long long time ago since I last played bowling

Ball number 7
I cannot take 8 and above. 

Jeng jeng jeng..
I still _ _ _ anyway in the end 

Lydia's bowling pose
Hahahaha.. Not too bad uh!

I'm choosing the right ball whereas there's a pink figure at the side doing some weird pose.. 
My supporter... 

This is the score anyway..
Haa.. I'm not the last =P


After that, Wei Wen, Sin Ni and I went around Jitra Mall to shop

We reached to a souvnier shop 
And guess what we did there??

Fyi, this is displayed at the front entrance of the door
I mean, these 2 giant dolls are what you will see when you first enter the shop
So, can you imagine the three of us were actually busy snapping photos with the dolls right in front of the entrance of the door??
It was a fun experience though! 

Ah Wei Wen didn't tell me that my hair was messy!

"YES I DO!!!"


I didn't purposely do anything to this coffee
It's just normal way of mixing the powder and pour in hot water
The pattern formed is quite pretty so I snapped it down.

I hurt myself because of the drawer.. 

The exams are OVER..
I'm now on vacation.

Blogging while holiday-ing at KL. 

Happy holiday everybody!


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