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Monday, April 25, 2011

Majority Rules wins over Principles ?

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Exams Update: 3 papers are done and 2 more to go.

S I G H 
B I G S I G H 

DISCLAIMER# I'm saying this because I feel it that way. So, if any of you who knows me happen to read this, just take it as my own personal points of views that may appear distorted for you. I'm also not pointing to anybody. Everything is just about my own perceptions. 

What do you infer from this? 

Left out?

That's right!

Being left out is always not a good feeling. We all know that but sadly, it is unavoidable. No matter how hard (maybe) we try to avoid somebody from feeling this way, it will eventually happen too. It is not logic because nobody wants to be left out yet there IS somebody who is left out all the times. That's sad.. 

There are a few reasons why some people are DESTINED to be left out in the group.

  1. They are not popular. 
  2. They go against the majority.
  3. They go against evil and battle for justice. 
  4. Prejudice.
  5. They have too much opinions which cause dislike from people.
  6. To them, this person is of zero value. 

Let's highlight this matter today.

How true?
Answer: VERY true. 

Everything actually links and results in 1 conclusion that is: majority rules.

When a person is a nobody in the group, obviously what he/she said is not going to be important to anybody. His/her decision will not be able to change any decision made even though he/she voiced it out. You know why? This is because that's the way MAJORITY RULES.

Majority is such a powerful weapon because once they are united, no matter who you are, you will be defeated. Tens of voice can easily cover your single voice and you are done. There are people who will go against the norm because they have their own beliefs and values. However, this is very rare. When it happens, this type of people will be boycotted and disliked by everybody. How sad..


Sometimes, I am thinking, why do majority rules always win. Ha- What a question uh-huh ?


I'd like to highlight point number 3.

People who go against evil and battle for justice will always LOSE. This is so awkward and WRONG. Isn't it? How can people who are after justice will end up becoming the loser? On the other hand, the one doing all the bad things succeed with the throne and receive everybody's love? Ha-


To end up the topic for today, I'd like to add on one more point about what I see in people.

  • People who know how to behave like people will earn love from everybody a.k.a. faker. 

You gotta agree with me no matter what because this is the truth. To think it again, those communication skills - - - Those values - - - They are the direct teaching materials to make you a faker. A fully equipped genuine faker. 

Of course, these values that we learn from books are GOOD because they make us a better person. However, when some people over do it, they tend to PRETEND to be like what the book asks them to be. 

  • Don't say 'no' when you are the odd one, come on, you will only get yourself into trouble or being boycotted by the mass. 
  • As a woman, shut your mouth up when there is a serious discussion because.. Your opinions will not be treasured by those males who think that they are superior. Tsk. I hate this, seriously.

In my opinion, everyone has their own list of values and beliefs built in them. You know what is right and wrong. You know what is good and bad. Don't you? You don't follow everything said in the book and make yourself somebody else. It's good that you are improving your personalities but when you tend to pretend to be one, you are turning yourself an artificial human. FAKER!

In short, my point is: Beware of fakers around you. They are everywhere. They pretend to be your good friends. They pretend to be good students. They pretend to be everything they have to pretend in order to achieve their target. Some people compliment this type of people as smart because they KNOW the way to live like a human. However, I'm standing strong on my principles that this is not right to be followed. 

Some people choose to give in to achieve their goals: to gain friends, to gain popularity and so on. However, I think principles win everything. Principles resemble your identity. 

So, what do you think? 

Genuine less important than fake or otherwise? 

Think about it. I'm not talking all craps. You can see them happening everywhere actually.. 
It's just that most of the times, these whining and weeping are covered by those majority hoorays sound. 

I may be a person who is not the apple in the eye of everyone but I know I am different from many people because of my unique characteristics that shines in the dark.
I'm proud of myself because of that.


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