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Sunday, May 08, 2011

KL Trip with Darling

. . . . S T A T U S
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Hello everyone!

Just for your information, today is the 2nd day of working as a ___?___ teacher. I don't know what kind of teacher I am but so far I'm concerned, my job is to teach primary school students to do their homework. I will share more about this next time. There's something more interesting to share today!

That is, my HOLIDAY with darling~ <3


28 April 2011 THURSDAY

We finished our last day in IPDA on 28 April 2011. I was hell tired when I finished packing everything. Tsk.. I slept on the bed without mattress for 2-3 hours.

We departed IPDA around 9 something. Jia You fetched us to Tanah Merah bus stop. It was still early. We had not eaten our dinner yet. So, we left our stuff there and went to look for food. It was raining heavily that night. So, everything was really inconvenient for us.

We ordered a cheese/double cheese naan which costs around RM 3 if I'm not mistaken.

Wet and frustrated me.. Ha- As usual uh huh?

Nasi Tomyam 
Cost : RM 3

Nasi USA
Cost : RM 5 
Stupidly expensive but taste OK-OK only

A closer view of the gravy chicken of Nasi USA

Closer view of my luxury RM 5 Nasi USA.. Tsk..

That was all for dinner that night. Then, we went back to the bus stop to wait for the express bus. We were really excited and looking forward for the trip. 

The journey from Jitra to KL was long but I don't know why, when we board the express bus together, I don't find it that long as I always used to. = / The power of love~ XD 

The journey took around 5 hours. The bus driver drove it fast and hardly stop. It only stopped at Perak R&R, Duta and Pudu (that's where we got down). 

ZZZzzz zzz zzz zzzzzzzz..... 

29 April 2011 Friday
We reached KL Pudu bus stop around 4 am something. Yes, that was like hell early.. Even the roosters were still asleep. We went down to Mc Donald to wait for my cousin. I called him at 5.30 a.m. and I regretted telling him 1 thing. "Do take your time, don't worry.." Tsk.. He really took his own sweet time and poor us.. We waited for him until 8 am like that. = = " Good lesson. Don't anyhow say 'Take your time' if you really don't wish to wait. 

I wanted to show the laptop thing the guy was using but too bad, he blocked it. 
= / It was something interesting which I have never seen before.
I don't even know what it is. = = " 

Yes, that boy was in Mc Donald. 
He was sleeping with the blanket on like at home. = = "

Sa lao~ =P

Some SS photo.. Hehe..
He snapped this for me. 

Lalalala.. My turn to snap myself. 

Very bu shuang face~ 
Cuz I asked him style his hair with wax. 

Luckily the room we booked was not booked by anybody earlier. So, we were able to go in and rest. He and I didn't had good rest while in the bus. @@ 

The hotel we checked in was Prescott Inn Medan Tuanku Hotel. My cousin worked there so we had privilege. Kekekeke.. 75% staff discount from RM 150. So we only paid RM 52.20 for our deluxe room. 

Click this to go to the hotel homepage.

Deluxe Room with 2 single beds
Actually, 1 single bed can accommodate 2 people
So, you can actually save your budget by having 4 people in this room

A plasma TV 

That's me
I'm just trying to show the size of the mirror

The bathroom 

The toilet seat.

The bathroom got hot shower with shampoo provided.

Can you see my hand over there? 
I'm trying to tell that the door is quite transparent. 
So, be careful and remember to lock the toilet door. 

The closet with iron and iron board.

Electric card for entrance door. 

The window. 
My room was good because I can see KL tower from my room.
My room number is 602 if I'm not mistaken. 

Hotel rating: 10/10
Well, I think it is 10/10 because I got a very good price with very good facilities room. ^^

We rested and watched a movie together using my laptop. It was a well recommended old movie entitled The Uninvited. I got it from Emily. The story plot was a twisted one and it was really unexpected with thrills and surprises. I was amazed with the ending because it was really unexpected. Go watch it! It's a worth watching Dreamworks production. 

We waited for Tiew and Jessica to arrive while playing Pokemon Pinball and watching movie. They arrived around 2 p.m. We went out to have lunch at the nearby mall. Wangsa Maju Mall if I'm mistaken. I'm not quite sure its name. = = "

My sizzling teppanyaki yi mee 
Cost : RM 5 like that
Rating: 7/10

Then, the unlucky thing happened.. I was unwell because my "aunty" visited me. So, I gotta stay indoor for the afternoon to recover. Thank you darling for being so patient.. 

At night, I was fully charged. So, Jessica, Tiew, boyfriend and I decided to have dinner together. 

With specs and without specs
While waiting for Jessica and Tiew at the lobby
Darling boyfriend snapped the photos for me. 

Jessica suggested satay and don't know what-- It's a bit weird to eat normal stuff that we can normally eat in Malacca in KL. So, I made a phone call to my cousin. It was very kind of him to offer us a ride for dinner. He brought us to a place, I'm not sure what is the name again *pouts*, the food were good. However, I feel that it was a little expensive.

Hor Fun (Kuey Tiaw) (Wa Tan Hor)
Not bad!
Rating: 7/10

Dong Fen (Some sort of vermicelli)
Seriously I liked this very much! 
The vermicelli was crunchy
I think they probably fried it before they cooked it in black ketchup 
Rating: 9/10

La la (a kind of shell food)
Little, ordinary, that's all I could comment about it
Rating : 5/10

If I'm not mistaken, this plate was char siew/shao rou (in short, pork)
Well, it tastes OK-OK
Rating : 7/10

Seafood tofu (海鲜豆腐)
I think this was quite nice. 
However, if you want to ask how nice and how different is it..
My answer is OK-OK only 
Rating : 7/10

The total price for all the food we ordered : RM 80.00 approximately

My cousin blamed me for the sudden call for asking him out. He actually had his dinner already but because of me, he ate another round of dinner-supper. Hehehe.. =P Thank you lor! 

I would like to thank his hospitality too for not only bringing us out for dinner but also fetched us around KL area with his white Myvi. Hehe.. He brought us to Chow Kit area. Well, I'm really a suaku, I have never seen one "shim" on the street (even in Malacca). I saw a few. They were really damn obvious male look and body but dressed in lady's apparel. It was a nice experience I can say.

For your information, "shim" is a new word invented by people: it's a combination of "she" and "him", referring to a-gua, pondan, sorta type of people. This type of word formation is known as compound or blending if I'm not mistaken? Oh nvm, I seriously forget everything about Linguistics. La-la-la

So, that was all for that night. We went back to hotel and had a good sleep. 

30 April 2011 Saturday 

Zi Yi was supposed to join us on 29th. She had to only join us on 30th because of the university entrance test. 

That morning, my aunty and cousins invited us out for breakfast. Jessica and Tiew were shy so they didn't go along with us. My boyfriend and I went only. We waited at the lobby for my forever-late-beloved-cousin KC at 11 a.m. sharp. 

This is a silly photo taken by my boyfriend last night
Tsk.. He simply loved to snap all those ugly photos of me

Prescott Inn entrance
While waiting.. I spent time snapping photo

Two lifts = = " Lame me


OK, he's here, finally.. 
Half an hour later if I'm not mistaken.. Or more ? = /

I was damn shy, seriously I was. 

We went to eat dim sum for brunch at a luxury Chinese Cuisine Restaurant in Sogo Mall.
I gotta say that this restaurant is really high class. = = "
The service they provide was really good. 
Of course, the price were also GOOOOD.. O.O

The food were not oily like other dim sums sold outside. 
And they served Pu Er Tea (expensive tea)

The cold dish before the main dish arrived
A kind of prickled tofu
Tastes good 
Rating : 8/10

Egg Tart
This looks ordinary but I tell you, it is really almost OIL-FREE
The egg was smooth and soft
Everything melts just so perfectly well when you put it into your mouth
Yum yummm...
Rating : 9/10

The wet towel that they provide..

Prawn Dumplings
I have always loved this! 
I cannot resist myself from not ordering this when I eat dim sum.
The prawns meat were really FRESH and it really tastes GOOOD!
I mean, really GOOD!
Rating : 9/10
I didn't give it a perfect 10 because I feel that the dumpling skin is a little too soft and breaks easily.

This is a photo of the prawn dumpling filling 
I hope you can see and feel the crunchiness I'm describing = / 

Yam ____
I don't know exactly what is it called but it tastes not bad
Oil-free, I mean less oil la.
After all, it is fried food you see.. 
How could it be oil free ?
Rating : 8/10 

I don't know what was this called
It's something like chun juen 春卷
Rating : 8/10

I can't remember what was this too
I remembered inside got yam 
Rating : 9/10

Mushroom Siu Mai
Well.. Out of all the dim sums, I think this was not that nice
I expected it to be nicer but it didn't out that way
Although it is mushroom siu mai but the whole thing feels like MUSHROOOM when I put them in my mouth
Rating : 6/10

Let's have a second look at this mushroom siu mai = = "
Looks cute but doesn't really tastes thaaaat cute !

Da Pau (Big Pau)
I think... It tastes OK-OK
Maybe cuz I am simply a mengkuang/sengkuang HATER
So, I really don't like anything that has mengkuang/sengkuang 
Inside this pau got egg yolk
I mean I like only the egg yolk = = " 
Rating : 5/10 

Chicken Intestine, just kidding (鸡肠粉)
It's a direct translation from Chinese
I have no idea what is it in English (if there's a name for it?)
It's really smooth and its filling were prawns
Rating : 9/10 

Lo Mai Kai (Glutinous Rice)
Well, normally, this was in black colour but I don't know why this one was white in colour
I think it's obvious that you can see it was not that oily like outside's RM 2 lo mai kai
There's egg yolk inside
How luxury.. @@ 
It tastes a little like Chinese meat dumpling to me (bak zhang)
Rating : 7/10

I'm not sure if this is a chicken porridge or what-
All I can say is that this porridge was GOOOD!
Highly recommended!
I think they blended the rice before cooking it into porridge.
It's soft and you know-sticky-oh gosh, what kind of description..
In short, it tastes really GOOOD!
Rating : 10/10

Artificial pork fried rice
It's supposed to be char siew fried rice as you can see the red little meat within the rice
They are NOT real pork, don't worry
This restaurant is HALAL (means PORK-FREE)
I think it tastes OK-OK only..
Rating : 5/10 

The restaurant's name
So lame uh huh? I snapped its name from the tissue = = "

You know why I say this restaurant is very high class? 
After I'm seated, one of the waiters actually pulled a chair over to ask me to place my handbag
= = " This is so NOT common from any other cheap place were we always used to go.

Fyi, the price for per plate of ordinary 3 siu mai is approximately RM 7
It's not cheap, I mean it is EXPENSIVE
So, bring enough money if you want to go there to eat dim sum or else you will end up with holes in your wallet

Lucky me, that meal was a treat from my cousin. 
Hehehe.. Thank you thank you!
I was really bloated and satisfied with the meal. 
Everything costs around RM 120 + for the dim sum after discount @@ 


After having dim sum with my relatives, we said goodbye to them as they were going to Penang for vacation. We then went back to the hotel to rest. 

It's really dark and I know you can't see me well.
It's OK cuz the focus here is the KL Tower
This is a prove to show that from my room, I can see KL Tower
So, there's no need to go to the actual KL Tower to take photo 
Smart eh? Hehehe..

Zi Yi and Chong Hau arrived around 2-3 p.m. Then, we straight away went to Sungai Wang Plaza to shop/gai gai. Seriously, you won't feel like buying if you don't have enough money to spend anyhow you want or you have no aim what to shop. 

I finally bought Liese's Juicy Shower
And I finally know how it smells like 
I read many reviews about this product on the Internet 
Well the smell is, BERRIES. 
I bought it around RM 30 + 
They were having promotion
3 brands were having their sales together.
I got a free biore skin wash product for purchasing this Juicy Shower

Zi Yi actually bought the Liese hair dye on the spot
She chose Cassis Pink 
The colour was brighter than Chestnut Brown
She dyed it straight away after going back to hotel 

I bought the double eyelids sticker but seriously I do not know how to use them. = / When I first sticked them on, they were OK but when I twinkle my eyes, they went back to the original mono eyelids. Tsk.. I was frustrated and leave it a side. 

I have never eaten Subway fast food before
So, I decided to have a try
It's NOT cheap compared to other fast food shop
Btw, this is the turkey bun, turkey bread? I don't know what they named it
I basically DO NOT feel or see where the turkey meat were..
= = " All I can see or bite or taste were just HAM of what meat..
Turkey or chicken or what- I don't know
It costs around RM 11-13 like that

We were tired and aimless
We did not know where to go

We reached a Taiwanese Dessert Cafe
It's full and luckily we found seats 

It's near Sungai Wang area

Nice lanterns deco 

The shop name is SNOWFLAKE 
Self-made desserts? 

Guess what is this?
Seriously I have NEVER seen this round thing before 

It requires battery 

The technology today has became so advanced. 
This little machine/device actually enabled customers to wait for their turns then only go to the counter.

I mean, after you make your order, the cashier will give you this round thing. 
Then, when it turns like this \/

The lights were lighted

Then you bring this round thing to the cashier and redeem the stuff you ordered.

The good thing about this is that the customer doesn't need to wait at the counter, impatiently 

I ordered taro balls dessert
It's the HOT sales dessert in SNOWFLAKE
1 bowl costs RM 5.90
However, I think it worths the price cuz it's BIG

The ice underneath the taro balls

It comes with a small cup of cream
That's how it looks like after you pour in the cream

Taro balls
These were the MOST delicious thing in the dessert
It's really Q and really addictive
You will want MORE and MOREEE
The ice blended was fine and smooth.
Unlike some ice sold outside, hard and course.

The bowl 

1 May 2011 Sunday
We packed our stuff because we checked out on 1st. We put our stuff in Jessica's room. Then, we departed to Jogoya, Japanese restaurant at 11.30 a.m. It's at Starhill Gallery. We took some time in finding where it was. 

Jogoya is a very big place and full with ALL KINDS of food.. I was so @@ when I reached. 

It's at upper floor of Starhill Gallery.

Jogoya Japanese Restaurant

RM 90 after tax for adult lunch

Below are the photos of the food in Jogoya:


Chocolate dipped marshmallow

Me with the marshmallow chocolate

My first round..
I regretted taking the stupid snails..
I thought they are 螺

Delicious yoghurt 

Unlimited Coconuts

Tofu + Unagi

Korea fish 
I chose this fish and asked them to cook

We ordered the chef to cook this crab

Baked macaroni 

Jessica and Tiew
surrender already~

Fried oysters + sauce

My cuteeeeeeee boyfriend!

Ka chak ka chak!

La la la la la.. 
Photo training.. 

Desserts (Chinese)

Honey sago milk 

Honey milk sago

Free year 2007 red wine when we dine in

All kinds of sushi

All kinds of meat and sashimi

Lobster salad

Stupid snails..

Miso soup

Lousy handrolls
Buka mulut already~

I didn't eat this because I don't think I can eat this kind of RAW food


Yea right shark fin soup~ 
You believe uh?

Food for steamboat

Blur.. @@ 
The methods

3 types of soup base..

Cooked ala-carte

The lightning made everything REDDISH.. @@

Fried food.. 
The nuggets here are chicken + shrimps

Different kinds of sauces

These are the bowls where we put our CLIPS 
If we put our clip in the bowl (each bowl represent specific dish), then the chef will cook and send it to your table

Haagen-Dazs ice cream
I was walking around while snapping these photos
So, there were some photos not in good quality

Waffles beside the ice cream corner

Haagen-Dazs sign board

Free to take
Take as much as you want..

Haagen-Dazs ice cream
Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream is GOOD!

The white colour with chips is yummy!

Some are for Jogoya Member only.. 
You need to pay RM 1 000 + to become their member. @@ 

Cooked dishes 

Different kinds of fishes and crabs to be cooked

Different types of drinks
I didn't drink any of these
I drank coconut only for that day

Tea section 

VIP corner
Very blur
Took it with flash

Puddings, jellies.. 


The square cakes were TIRAMISU!
They were made on the spot

Different kinds of cakes

Different kinds of cakes

New Zealand ice cream

Different types of dishes
I love the clamps
I ate the dory fish!

The burner to cook steamboat
I didn't eat steamboat cuz I think it is ordinary.

Japanese style of cooking these meat


Ice cream with chocolate toppings! 
Yummy! The chocolate harden soon when they land on the ice cream

The desserts I took and ate all myself

Basically that's all the photos I took from Jogoya.
We were all really BLOATED

After finished eating like ular sawa, we started camwhoring......

Both also tired..

Cute Lydia~

La la la la la...


Jessica, Tiew, Zi Yi and Chong Hau

Us~ <3 

The boys.. 

The girls

Sa po~

He snapped this without my knowledge

He bo mood liao~~~~

Lydia with the drawings


I like these "NOW!"

My kerusi



Pisang girl~

Pisang man

Special art

We girls went to the washroom and when we came out..
That's what we saw..
The three of them, tired, exhausted, seated that way~ 

He and I..
I hate this photo cuz of my FLABBY ARM!!!!

My cute boyfriend.. 

Act cute.. 

Short hair me..


Inside Starhill Gallery

Special seats

Alright, that is all for my KL trip with darling~

More to come soon~ 

I'm VERY SUPER tired now..........

Good night!


  1. Wow...thanks for d free adv...sorrylo...for making u wait so long....

  2. OK lo. You are forgiven for the staff rate thing. XD Hiak hiak. Didn't know you are one of my blog readers.. Kakaka..

  3. the thing the guy is holding is an ipad. A tablet computer. and the food is called prawn rice noodle roll

  4. Kire: Oh I didn't know it's called ipad. I'm real back behind the modernized world today. Thanks for the information and for reading my post. ;)