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Monday, May 30, 2011

Klang - Genting Trip with Boyfriend

. . . . . S T A T U S
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Hello everybody! I hope that everybody is still doing well with whatever you are doing. I have a few stuff to blog today. Happy reading.

STORY 1 : I bought a handbag! 
Yes, I bought a handbag and I'm bragging about it now!
It's a no-brand handbag but I think it looks pretty nice. 
Cost : RM 35
You know what?
You can't anyhow buy a handbag. 
I learnt this from my buying-handbag-experience. 
Not all handbags suite everybody. 
They may look good on the shelves but not necessary on your arm. 

Too bad I didn't manage to capture any photo of me with the handbag. 
I can tell you that it really looks good on my arm! ; )

STORY 2 : I passed my Undang computer test!

Soooooo close!
I got 42/50 and it is a JUST-NICE border line pass for Undang computer test. 
I was quite confident when I was answering.
However, I don't know why the results turned out to be like that /\.
I used 19 minutes and 34 seconds to answer.

STORY 3 : I went to Klang-Genting trip with boyfriend!

26 May 2011 (Thursday) 
I finished work at 6 p.m. and rushed home to take a quick shower and dinner. I bought the 6.45 p.m. Cepat Sedia express bus to Klang Sentral. 

Malacca to Klang via Cepat Sedia express : RM 15.00. 

I left home at 6.20 p.m. I nearly missed the bus. From my house to Malacca Sentral, there are 3 traffic lights and the last one is the longest! So, I couldn't wait till the third traffic light to turn green, I quickly jumped off from the car and crossed the BIG main road. Frankly speaking, the road was really huge and wide, it's quite difficult to pass through it. I was scared too actually cuz there were really too many cars at that time. It's office hour!

I managed to pass through obstacle 1 : heavy traffic light. I managed to reach the platform for Cepat Sedia express in time. 

However, obstacle 2 arrived: the number of passengers of the bus exceeded the number of seats available. This means that, there were no seats for me even though I have the ticket. So, I have to stand and show that kind of "I bought the ticket, where is my seat????" face. I was the only girl out of the extra few male passengers. Luckily, obstacle 2 was resolved quickly. The bus driver gave me a seat the last row cuz an aunty accidentally boarded the wrong bus? Conclusion: I get a seat but not the original seat I bought at the counter. 

It's not the end yet. I was sweating like shit because I was wearing spaghetti-striped blouse inside my sweater. I took them off and tried to adjust the air-cond. Luck was definitely not at my side because (obstacle 3) I could barely feel any chillness from the freaking air-cond which was not even blowing/aiming at me. Tsk. 

Fine. I tried to cool myself down spiritually (yes). It worked, somehow, when you are less frustrated, you feel better. I placed the bag of oranges which I planned to give to boyfriend's mother at the hook behind the passenger's seat who was sitting in front of me. I hope you understand what I'm describing right here. 
OK, here's a very rough drawing about the positioning. 

I put 4 oranges in the bag. It's a small bag. Then, I was afraid that the bag was not strong enough to withstand the weight of the oranges. So, I put them down near my foot. = = " I was really silly I know (I didn't consider the bus was moving and I will fall asleep anytime). So, obstacle 4 : as I was not aware, the oranges got out from the bag. When I planned to move them back to (like what is shown in the picture above), I realized that the bag was much lighter than earlier. Then, I realized 2 oranges went missing! I was looking around like a fool and the guy beside me was kind, he asked me "tengah cari apa?"

Me : Cari oren. Oren dah jatuh.

He was very kind. He helped me to pick up one and looked around for me. He even helped me to ask the person sitting in front of him. 

Him : Ada jumpa oren tak kat bawah kerusi? 

I was actually laughing silently when he asked that question. I find it really stupid and funny at the same time. 

The journey from Malacca to Klang was quite tiring. It took 3 hours to reach my destination. However, it was all worth it when I reached and saw boyfriend looking for me. Kekekeke.. =P

His Mom came and fetched us home. We stopped by at a shop to da pau dinner. Wa Tan Hor. Ngiak ngiak.. We walked home together after that. That was all for Day 1. I reached there around 10 p.m. After dinner and bath, we went to bed to sleep. I did not sleep at all throughout the 3 hours journey. I don't know why...

27 May 2011 (Friday) 
We woke up really early (6.50 a.m.). We had to get ready to go to Genting Highlands. Before that, went to PPD Selagor at Kuala Selangor to settle boyfriend's job stuff. He got a job. Congrats. For me, I'm still sticking on the same job. = = " It was a rainy morning. Bad weather. I got my shoes wet and I tell you, the smell was really horrible..........

We stopped by half way to eat brunch. 
Chee Cheong Fan 
I'm loving this lately!
Got fishball and tauki! Hehe

This trip was more likely a family trip with boyfriend's family. Anyway, it's a good opportunity to get closer to his family and for them to know me better too. Soon, we reached First World check-in kiosk! 

Take 1                                                          Take 2 

Take 3                                                        Take 4

Do you realize any changes in our expressions? 
Boyfriend was getting sien and I was trying my very best to look good. 

I was really too tired for those few days. 
So, I really don't have any good photo to share with you guys. 

We went to the outdoor theme park at 2.10 p.m. I was really excited and enthusiastic although I was feeling a little dizzy at that moment. The excitement was really filling every part of me. I have always been wanting to go to Genting outdoor theme park cuz it had been a long, long time ever since I last visited that place. I missed the games there. 

I felt bad because of my timidness. I am a height phobia person. I am scared of being at tall places, swinging in the middle of the air and free-falling feeling. Yet, I want to play. 

We played : 
  1. Pirate ship 
  2. Cyclone 
  3. Go-kart
  4. Ferry wheel 
  5. Spinner 
  6. Sungai Rajang Cruise 
  7. Boat riding 
  8. Ghost house 
1. Pirate ship 
I was really excited and scared! "Scary ar? It doesn't look THAT scary from here" I told boyfriend. Then he said "when you are up there, we will see if you think it is scary or not". Well, the answer is, SCARY!! I was so scared when the ship reached the highest altitude and swing down to another end. My heart felt like popping out and I really screamed.  

2. Cyclone
I was actually very brave already! I was reluctant to sit this at first. I told boyfriend, 'no, no, I don't want!' Then, I saw a few Indian old women (40 - 50 years old range) lining up to play. Then, I thought, I am really useless.. Even old ladies also not scared, I scare pulak~ So, I gathered all my guts and went line up. I was actually shivering after I finished the game. I got open my eyes but not completely all open. My eyes were just like this --__ -- Hahahaha.. Cuz, I really don't dare to open completely. I grabbed the handle damn hard! 

3. Go-kart 
I love this! It's like driving car! I have yet to attend any driving lessons. I managed to overtake a few cars but in the end boyfriend wins. = ( That's cuz something wrong with my fuel pedal. I already pressed till the maximum yet it couldn't move any faster! = ( I'm supposed to win.. Anyway, the queue for this game was crazily long! We waited for 1 hour before our turn! They were quiet hygienic! They gave us each a hair protector mask to prevent kutu left in the helmet. I saw a few funny incidences while waiting.
  • Some people couldn't control their vehicle well and knocked things down. Of course, they got scolded.
  • A middle aged Indian man was so excited, he jumped into the car.
Indian man : Wooii! Woooi! Woooi! 
Admin : Wooi apa? Tak da nama kah? Tak tau panggil admin kah??
Indian man : *silent* *start engine* Wooi! Wooi! Wooi!

It's hard to tell you how funny the incident was because you need to see it with your own eyes. The Indian man continued wooi after he can move his vehicle. He was trying to irritate the admin. 

4. Ferry wheel
I'm useless. I'm also scared when I sit this. = ( Got a muack muack on the cheek as encouragement! ; P

5. Spinner (Swings)
T.T I am a loser! I totally surrender when come to Spinner. I really very scared! I couldn't open my eyes at all! Boyfriend kept asking me to open up my eyes and see, feel like you are as though a bird flying with hands open. I was so scared until I couldn't open my eyes, how do you expect me to open up my both arms?! I was freaking scared!!

6. Sungai Rajang Cruise 
I love this game very much! Yet, it's really very scary! I was sitting in front and boyfriend was sitting behind me. I should have sat behind! = ( I was not strong enough to hold the handle. When the cruise reached the slope, it was really very slant and I really felt like as though I'm falling backwards any time! I love this!

7. Boat riding
This is very boring but can be fun when you are doing it with your loved one. Hehe. 

8. Ghost house
The stupidest of all. I'm not scared at all for this. Hehe. 

Boyfriend and I eating bak zhang for dinner. 

We were so tired after spending half day at the theme park. I felt very useless because I was scared of many things and because of me, we only played a few. = ( 

At night, we went to the 4D cinema to watch Pirate. The ticket costs RM 8. 

I look really very tired and exhausted, uh huh?

We reached there at 8.30 p.m. but we had to wait for like 40 minutes before we can enter. Tsk. 
Reason : I guess, they were lack of the glasses. 

So, while waiting.. 

If you have only one match,
and entered a cold and dark room where there was an oil heater, an oil lamp and a candle, 
which would you, light first?
Answer : The match 

Answer : 7

Answer : 9 alive

Answer : All of the months. 

Answer : one hour 


I don't look good in any...!!!

Pau face!

Outdoor ticket band. 
Love you forever.

So many bangles.. @@ 


The seats that gives the 4th dimension feeling! 

Chiang chiang! 
Me with black specs!


I'm so upset that Flying Dragon has been moved to Indoor game.
That means that I cannot play Flying Dragon for that day..T.T

4 D Motion Master

It's cold at outside!

Pirate Story 

Our room number. 

28 May 2011 (Saturday)

We checked out at 11 a.m. something after having breakfast in room. 

Going down Genting Highlands. 


We reached Klang in the afternoon. We rested until 5 p.m. then we went to boyfriend's grandma house. They had family dinner at a restaurant. I ate till very full. *burg* 

Kuala Selangor evening view.

Clearer pixels.

The restaurant name.

29 May 2011 (Sunday) 
We sent boyfriend's sister, Ann to MMU Cyberjaya campus for registration. The whole thing took half day time. Around afternoon 2 p.m., his parents dropped us at KFC. It was ___________ long story. We shall talk only good things here. 

Photo shooting

Then, his father sent us to the bus stop. 
In the bus.. 
I'm returning to Malacca....

Buh-bye boyfriend..
For 3 months more.. 
Till we see each other again!

I never sat any bus with 3 single seats like that.
Transnational bus has. 

Boyfriend's mama da pau food for me.
Scared that I will faint of hunger in the bus.
Hehe.. Thanks! 

Did a poster on us. 
Love it!
Love you too boyfriend!
Sorry if I only care about my own feelings and neglect yours. 
I really enjoyed the trip very much!
Thanks for all the planning.