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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Losing weight is a must

. . . . S T A T U S
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Hello, this is an updated post. 
I wanted to say I have successfully slimmed down now.
For those who are interested to look at my photos, click this link: 


I started a mission on 3rd of June 2011. Today is my 3rd day, only.

I am really trying very hard, everyday, to lose off the excess fats from every part of my body. = = " They are really too troublesome and I cannot stand it anymore! Things get worse when I find all clothes getting tighter. T.T Another reason to go for a diet during holidays is because of my boyfriend. It is very ridiculous but at the same time it is true that my boyfriend and I are having weight problem. The difference is that he needs more weight and I am the opposite. = ( How pathetic. Why couldn't I be the one having gaining weight problem??? *sigh*

He always says I do not have determination in losing weight. He's right. It's not the first time I tell him and the whole world that I want to diet. Most of the times, I am very enthusiastic at the beginning and slowly forgets all my whatever aims and determinations set at the first place. I cannot promise that I will not give up half way this round because I really don't know how long my determination and perseverance can last. All I can say is that, I'm hoping for the best results from all my hard work.

To those skinnies outside,
Losing weight is the suck-est thing to do on Earth! 
My method:

  • Drink green tea. 
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat almost everything except rice. 
  • Exercise regularly. 
The third point, eat almost everything except rice is my own principle. You might wonder how can an Asian live without rice. I'm here to tell you that, it is NOT impossible at all. I have tried that once and I did lost a couple of kg. And the question now is: why did I grow fat back after that (meaning, now). The answer is because, I got over confident and delighted with my current achievement and eat crazily like as though I'm born skinny. 

Anyway, I will update from time to time about my progress (hopefully I'm still clinging on it as time passes). So, stay tuned for my diet update if you are interested to know. =( 

I deadly need motivation. It's really a difficult path, you know?

Why fat people cannot look hot and gorgeous? 
= ( Why only slim and slender people are called sexy and sweet? 

Isn't he cute? 
I used to like this picture once upon a time ago. 
I saw this picture before years ago.

Well, obviously I'm not as fat as the lady above.
That's horrendous and a little out of sense. 
= = " I doubt if the picture is real. 

Hot and sexy fatties? 
= ( 

I'm slightly smaller than this by a few inches. 
= ( That's so depressing. 
I snapped a photo of my current self. 
It's horrible! 
Totally scary!
I got frightened by it every time I view it... 

Only young children who are fat are called cute.
You won't be known as cute anymore when you get older.

Just like this.
So what if you dress so little?
The impression people have on you is gross and not hot.

Just a few random fatty photos to be shared with you guys.
I'm too shy to show mine.
= ( Wish me luck + perseverance + determination. 
Aja aja aja!