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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Making Muachis

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : happy

Sometimes, I feel very frustrated when what I cook do not turn out good.
Anyway, now I'm very excited cuz the muachi that I made are successful! ; )

Making Muachi

Reason: I think my version is better because my muachi actually turned out unsuccessful following the measuring given by Angie's Recipe. 


400 g Glutinous rice flour 
200 g Water
100 g Sugar
50 g (approximately 1 tbsp) Oil  
120 g Roasted peanuts
30 g Sugar 

NOTE : There are 2 ingredients which are highlighted in red. 
Reason : Those two mixtures are meant to be a mixture together. 
Another two ingredients (peanuts and sugars) meant to be another mixture.

Estimated servings 
4 pax 

Estimated time needed 
30 minutes 

Cooking pan 
Electric mixer 


 1. Sieve the glutinous rice flour. 

2. Pour in 200 g water and 100 g sugar in the cooking pan.
Pour in the measured 100 g sugar and place them in the cooking pan.

Measure 200 ml of normal drinking water.

Then pour the water into the cooking pan. 

Bring your cooking pan to the stove.
Boil the mixture at medium-high heat until the sugar has dissolved.

Dissolving, boiling.
Almost done.

That's the oil that I want to put in.

Pour in the cooking oil into the mixture of water and sugar. 

And stir well. 

It should look something like this.
Then, leave the pan a side. 

3. Ground the 30 g sugar. (OPTIONAL STEP)

I used half grounded and half original cubic sized sugar. 
It's up to you actually. @@ I don't know why I did so. 
This step is not very particular. 

That's my house's blender which has provided its service for don't know how many years.

Ta-da, my grounded sugar. 

4. Ground the 120 g peanuts.
These are my measured peanuts.
I have already roasted them and peeled off their skin.
Note : It's important to get rid of the peanut skin before putting them into the blender.
Reason : The skin tastes bitter and gives bad sensation to the peanuts.

Off my peanuts go~ 

Oh no~ =X
My peanuts do not turn into grounded peanut. 
They turned into peanut butter instead! 
Note : Blend the peanuts quick and short. Do not blend them for too long.
Reason : Peanuts have oil and when they are blended too fine, the oil will be secreted. And that's what you will get /\ in the picture.

I don't give up!
So I did another round of peanut grounding.
It's successful now!
You need to press the blend button on and off quickly and for like 5-6 times only. 

5. Pour in and mix the sugar and grounded peanut well.

Put in the sugar (coarse/grounded,optional) into the grounded mixture bowl.
Mix well with a spoon or fork.

6. Pour in the mixture of water+sugar+oil that you have prepared eariler in Step 2 into the glutinous rice powder.

This is a WRONG example. 
I did wrongly at first cuz of bad measuring I copied from Angie's blog.
The problem with this mixture is TOO MUCH liquid, TOO LITTLE glutinous rice powder.

It is SOOO liquid~ 

I get my mixer on and beat the mixture.
They didn't turn into dough but to batter instead. 

Then I told Dad to go to nearby grocery to get another packet of glutinous rice powder.
My home has no more glutinous rice powder.

While I'm waiting..
I snapped the recipe I copied down earlier from the website.

I tried to beat the mixture.. 
Still, as you can see, they look SOO liquid and not dough at all.

My Glutinous Rice Powder is here!

This is just to show you what glutinous rice powder is.

I add in flour from time to time according to the condition of the dough. 

That is why, I cannot exactly tell how much flour I have added into the dough. 
I estimated it around 400 g. 

That's how terrible and sickening cooking can be.. = = " 
When you get the wrong recipe.

This is what I meant by adding flour from time to time..
Little by little and FEEL yourself, whether the mixture has turned into dough or not.

Note : Use low power in beating the mixture at first. Then, switch to high power when the mixture starts to turn sticky and hard. 

7. Check your dough. 

I use a spoon to take up some dough and see if it looks like dough or not.

8. Pour the dough into a flat plate with big surface area and steam it.

Another bad instruction given in the website which stated BOWL.
It's going to take much longer time to cook if you use bowl.

Wrong example that must not be followed.

Then, I change from bowl to this round flat steel container. 
It can cook faster that way.

Steam, obviously means putting in water in a wok and place some bamboo sheet/steel plate and lastly a cover to keep the steam. 

Steam over boiling water for approximately 10 minutes over high heat. 

9. Get your dough out into a bowl. 

You can see some holes in the dough.
It's now any insects bite.
I use a chopstick to poke into the dough to check if it is cooked.

Note: Be careful when you try to "dig" out the dough cuz it will be rather sticky and really requires a lot of energy. 

 10. Pound the dough. (Optional Step)
I feel that the dough will taste better that way if I pound it, manually, traditionally.

Note : You can pour in a little water (if required) if you think your dough is too hard or sticky. 
For mine, I did add a little water. 

11. Add in the peanut mixture and dough and mix well.

I pulled the dough into long cylindrical shape and cut them with scissors.
You can do any way you want but to me this is easy.


They look better here!
I was too eager to snap the photo when I first did first few..

Another photo of my muachis 
A little blur. = / 

Anyway, enjoy!

I hope that the descriptions above are clear and easy to follow for you all!

Have a nice day!


Below are some photos of my this week activity. 
Learn Driving 
Bukit Katil driving school (JPJ)
The slope.
It doesn't look THAT difficult but of course I can't judge without trying it yet.
I hope I pass!

The "tiangs" 
and the kancil~ 

I went for my Undang listening course on 21st May. 
I'm planning to take the computer test on 25th May.


 Outing with Jessica and Zi Yi to Jaya Jusco 2
This is a long dress. 
Jessica picked for me to try.

Ahh my hair~ =X

Very cute 1 suite dress/shirt+pants
I look too huge in this. =X

I don't like to be in front~~~~
=X X.X Ahhhh

Bad take..

Last one~ 

I bought a beg which costs RM 35. 
I pretty liked it. 
 I forget to snap the photo.
Will upload it some other day. 

That's all for now!
I haven't eat my dinner!



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