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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Story about A few demons and I = / Phew

. . . . S T A T U S
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I slept extraordinary early last night. At 12 midnight, I was already on my bed, hanging around the cell phone with my distanced boyfriend. After saying the last mushy sweet thing that couples always do, we said "bye-bye" and my eyelids closed off. I fall into the tunnel of dream that brought me to a new avenue-----

(Please continue reading if you are interested to read a story about dreams) 

(Reminder: I don't force ya!) 

The moment when I opened my eyes again, I realized that I was not on my bed. Instead, I was together with a few people at a paddy field. Those people were my partners. We were here to do a research on planting special wheat. We worked hard plowing the land and seeding. The hard work finally got over when it was near evening where the sun was hid away by the dark clouds.

It was twilight. The sun ray was vague. The colour of the sky began to change. It was getting dark. We were chatting near the paddy field. Suddenly, I realized that there was something wrong with a part of the paddy field. It seemed to be on fire. At first, I thought that it was just my wrong imagination or vision. I just ignored it and continued chatting.

Just then, another friend realized that the paddy field was really on fire. We quickly jumped off from our seats to get buckets of water to stop the fire from spreading to other paddy.

All of us were busy to put out the fire. Thankfully, the fire did not spread too much over the other paddy field. We managed to stop the fire but at the same time, we also destroyed the paddy we planted this morning. Everything was vanished in one moment. We gathered around in a circle, looking at the water soaked paddy mud, disappointment overflowed our heart. All the hard work had gone to drain. The special paddy that we were making on research had to be planted in specific ratio of water and must not be polluted with other pollutant chemicals. The paddy field was soaked with excess water. The paddy field would not grow out the paddy that we were experimenting. In short, the experiment was failed badly.

The leader was asking furiously, "Who was the first one who realized the fire?"

I kept silent because of fear. In fact, I was not sure if I was really the first one who realized it. It could be others but having the same response as me, kept silent.

Just then when the leader was lecturing furiously, a black figure appeared..

I could not see where he came from. In fact, I was not sure if it was a he or she. All I could see was a black figure. It was pulling something. When I looked closer, I realized that the person standing in front of me, his nose hair was being pulled to an unexpected length by something/somebody. The length of his nose hair was as long as a lady's shoulder length hair! I was atrociously terrified! The hairs on my body stood straight up like porcupine. 

Longer and not braided.
I couldn't find any photo with straight nose hair. = /

I could not believe what had just happened in front of my eyes. I screamed and this caused the crowd to notice what wad happening. We were all frightened and tried to run away. The person whose nose hair was pulled did not look like the normal him. He seemed to be possessed as his face colour had changed to blue-purple. He looked as though he was suffering but none of us could do anything to help him. We were only bothered to rescue ourselves because no one could help us except ourselves. 

No matter how hard we were running, we did not seem to move an inch away from anybody. Our distance was static. It was the same, no matter how long and how hard we ran. The reason was because we were all running in a circular motion. We couldn't run out from the track. There was some kind of magnetic force pulling us. 

The black figure appeared. It was a he, I presumed. It was a demon. Suddenly, I realized that we were not at the paddy field anymore. We were in a mall. The specific location was in front of Esprit (Dataran Pahlawan Mall). We were at an aisle between a few outlets. There were a few familiar faces in the outlet on my left. They were... Kanesh, Kasturi and Thurai.. These few faces were the familiar faces that I know. I was surprised yet frightened at the same time.

This must be crazy..................

What happened after that was really nightmare to me.

The black figure talked to the people. I was too curious and voiced out. "Hello, can I know why you people are here and why are we here?"

The black figure answered, "I am the demon of the demons. These people are my demons."


Thurai spoke softly, "We were not humans. We are not ordinary devil because we are more powerful than devil. We are demons that destroy devils!"

I was frightened and woke up at once......


I tried my best to describe to you about my dream. I hope that this story fascinate you. The dream felt so real. It was a crazy dream, after all. Phew.....

Basic Meaning - A fear of those repressed contents of the unconscious that are, when acknowledged the very forces that could bestow a harmonoius and balanced life.

(1) The Satan of Jewish - Christian - Islamic tradition was originally a horned fertility god, a personification of the fertilizing power of Nature {the tradition of God is separate fron Nature}. In pschological terms, a fertilizing agent is something within the psyche that can inaugurate a new phase in the individual's development.

(2) The evil connotations of the devil figure may reflect the dreamer's fear of those repressed contents of the unconscious that are, in fact, the very forces that - if mobilized and utilized - could bestow a new and fuller life. What we repress is invaribly something that had great value for us but on some occasion in the past gave rise to guilt-feelings or a fear of punishment. It is our fears that invest the unconscious with the fearsome characteristics of a dark underworld inhabited by evil monsters. In reality, the unconscious contains all the energy and wisdom we need for healing and wholeness.
It might be said that our fundamental human task is the conversion of the devil within ourselves, that is, converting negatively charged {dissident, destructive} psychic forces into positively charged {life-enhancing and unifying} powers. But you won't convert the devil with brute force, only with love. The negatively charged psychic forces are the ones you neglect and despise or fear. They become positively charged when you acknowledge them and integrate them into your conscious life.
If we do not recognize the 'devil' within ourselves, we shall project him onto others and thereby give more scope for hatred and destruction {the real devil!} in the world.

{3} In certain contexts - if, for example, he has horns or is sexually involved with naked women - the devil may be a sexual symbol. If sexuality is repressed in such a guise in a woman's dream, it is possibly because she has a fear of sexual relations. In a man's dream the indication might be that he has a guilt-ridden attitude towards his own sexuality {which Freud might trace back to anxiety arising out of the normal male infant's erotic feelings for his mother}. 

Demons in dreams probably represent parts of your unconscious mind that have been repressed and neglected and are now threatening to disrupt or mutilate the psyche. They should be approached lovingly, given attention and integrated into your conscious life. This will bring about their 'conversion': They will cease to threaten and will contribute their vital energies to the enhancement of the self.
Self-knowledge - knowing what we are carrying around with us in our unconscious - is the only sure defence against what in ancient times was called demonic possession, which in psychological terms means the conscious ego being taken over by unconscious forces {obsessive fear or anger, or whatever}.

Reference: Eric Ackroyd

Demon dreams can often link to some really intense fear inside your life.


  1. thurai??

  2. lmao. I know this is hilarious and if Thurai and the gang happen to read this, he's going to scream at me. Ha.. It was a strange dream. I could clearly remembered all the 3 of them did appear in my dream. I saw them. = ( All Indians. I'm not racist but I don't know why.. = = "

  3. hahahhaahaa!3 of them?thurai n who?=) ur hilarious!! i know its not racist but its funny!trust me!

  4. haha. Thurai, Kasturi and Kanesh. So clear their faces in my dream. lmao

  5. omg!!! u remember every one of them! hehehehe..

  6. Yea the 3 of them because I know them