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Wednesday, June 15, 2011
. . . .  S T A T U S
Mood : =(

I am not happy.
He is not happy.
We are both gloomy.
Because today we are busy.

I am giving English tuition for two Standard 6 students. They are brother and sister. The brother is elder. I envy their sibling-hood. They seem loving. I wish mine could be that way but it will never be.

I hate phlegm. It's stuck at the part where the neck joins the head, the 90 degrees angle part. It's making me feeling uneasy. I feel uncomfortable. My mood turns bad.

I am tired but I still feel like talking. Although I don't feel comfortable talking due to the existence of phlegm in my throat, I still want to talk. Too bad, nobody wants to talk to me..

=( Sigh. I wanted to sleep an hour ago but now I couldn't sleep because I _____________.

I am taking out the paper which my driving uncle scribbled on how to do side parking. Tomorrow I have to go and practise driving. I'm looking forward to it, very much. I hope I did improve. I hope I can pass asap. I want to drive car. I like to drive car. I'm excited to drive car. I feel happy with my little accomplishment each time I succeed in any.

I hope tomorrow is a better day. I want to smile through my sleep......

I have dreams almost every night. I don't sleep early and I don't wake up extremely early. I had enough hours of sleep but sometimes all my sleep is full with dreams. Am I a dream maker or a teacher? I dream too much, I don't have proper rest...


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