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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Memories.. Can I stop fats from growing?? T.T

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : sigh

I really don't know how to spend my time wisely. = ( I don't sleep when it is time to sleep. I don't know what to do when everybody is so busy. = ( Sigh.

I browsed through my C907 media and found many interesting photos. I should say they are nostalgic and I really missed them very much. I wish I could bring them back to reality, now.

Photographs made me drown into the lane of memories... 
Most of their names I couldn't remember anymore.
However, the past memories that we used to share together will always be there in my heart.

To think back again, NS life could be one of the most healthy period of my life. 
I sleep early, wake up early, do exercise everyday and eat balanced meal. 
That is why, I am THIN last time! =(

She's my best friend in NS, Pei Min. 
She's a very funny girl. 
Our frequency is the same.
I miss my "size" in this photo. 
I hate looking at this pants because it feels so tight around my waist today.

I like this picture of myself! <3
I hate the fact that I am no longer looking like that now /\ =(

I like my nerdy specs. 
I bought it while I was working, before entering NS. 
I <3 my sexy African lips~ =P

It's wings are beautiful. 

I entered Form 6 for a month only.
I was so enthusiastic. 
My dad caught this dragonfly for me. 
I put it in a fish cage and brought it to MHS science lab. 
I bisected it in the afternoon after class. 
I could still vividly remember the smell of the formalin, so strong, so smelly. 
My fingers got numb when I accidentally touched some. 
It's meant for preservation. 
I did the whole process myself. 
I kept my specimen in the lab. 
I don't know if it is still there.. 

I miss this pants! 
I couldn't wear it anymore! 
T.T I have many short pants/skirts.. 
And they fit just nice all these while..  = (

I hate the stupid pimple at the middle of my forehead.
= ( Study life. 
My nerd specs + layered short hair + casual dress 
I don't dare to go out with dress, yet. = (
I'm 20, near 20 already.

I can't wear this Body Glove t shirt anymore!
T.T Mei Lan bought this for me as my birthday present!
She bought a S size last time. 
It was soooo freaking smallllll 
I could managed to squeeze my flesh into the garment just nice last time.
Now, it's exploding if I try to fit in by force. = (

Boyfriend first attempt taking photo so close to me. 

At Langkawi
= ( I still look much thinner, compared to now.

Short hair?
I know. = (
He doesn't know.

No make-up.
I used to put on make-up when I'm out, despite how late it is.
I feel that it is a waste not using after buying them. 
It's not cheap. = ( 
So, I use when I go out.
I make myself pretty, people think I'm pretty, I'm happy. 

Working at Baby Poney.. 
The VOIR jeans that can never slid into my fatty thighs anymore. 
I hate to wear jeans because, they are always loose at the waist, tight at the thighs!
T.T Why, why, why, why................

I'm proud of this.
I don't really need make-up to look good.
I snapped this photo at Zi Yi's house.
Stayed overnight at her house that night and the next morning looking good in the mirror!

The second prom night I ever attended in my life, so far.
Prom night is a night full of fantasy.
Everybody turns themselves into somebody they normally are not.
It is a night of prince and princess fairy tale. 
Everybody looks good, awesome and hawwt.. 
However, when the night is over, everything reverts.
You are back to who you are and so I am. 
I am not fancy over prom night. 
It is a good experience though. 

I have double eyelids, clear ones.
But- I don't ALWAYS have them on. = (
Sigh. My eyes are pretty here. Aren't they?
Don't say 'no'. 
You are lying to your screen and my blog. 
Say 'sorry', uh huh?

With and without my nerd specs.
I like this green t shirt.
Boyfriend likes it too.
Too bad, it's tight now. 
= ( Still use-able but just uncomfortable. 

He gets tired of taking photos easily. =(

Boy: Your heart will come on...
Girl : My heart will go on... 

Boy and girl : Our hearts forever one 
I hate couple t shirts sold at the market (I bought at the market)
I can fit into the boy's one but not really in the girl's one. 
It's so freaking tight and they call that FREE SIZE.. 
= ((( How sad.. Ahhh... 
Boyfriend, let's exchange since you are slimmer than me! =( Humph!

I like this photo. =) Though he's thin and my expression is a little weird.

<3 this most! ; ))) 
Do you????

I changed a lot, boyfriend changed a lot too.
In this past 2 years time, I changed a lot, physically and mentally.
Boyfriend's pimples getting lesser.
My fats getting more. = (

My hair gets long..
I chopped my fringe to wa-wa head.

My hair gets longer and longer.

I am getting fatter, as time passes.. 
=(((( Waaaaaaaaaaa

Hair grows, 
fat grows TOO.

I stopped taking photo for some time ever since I realized I am growing bigger and bigger. =(
That's so depressing yet uncontrollable!
My hair is getting so long~~~

Look at how fleshy my face is!!
I cannot imagine how I actually gain those fats!
And those fats is so stubborn!
They are reluctant to leave my body!!!

Have my hair straightened. 
I look much neater now. 
Do you think long or short suites me better?
Many say short.
Yea, I'm hawwttter that way ^^

Oh hello!
This is the latest me!
The curls are just temporarily formed due to braided hair.
I'm in pajamas.

I miss my body shape the most. 

Good night!


  1. long hair straightened and short hair straightened looks nice. :)

  2. Yea.. I don't look with the natural lion curves. = ( Short hair maintenance is not easy.