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Friday, June 17, 2011

Driving Car Diary

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I think I should create a little diary for driving. It is pretty annoying for people who ALREADY mastered driving to listen to an amateur driver asking lots of absurd questions. We all used to be like that once before.. Anyway, I'm currently half way completed with my learning car driving journey.

I am learning CAR ONLY.

Undang class : RM 150.00
Amali class : RM 170.00
L license : RM 32


  1. Attend Undang class for 5 solid hours completely on THEORY. 
  2. Sit for Undang computer test. You need to score at least 42/50 to pass. 
  3. Attend Amali class. 3 hours solid theory + 3 hours practical driving. 
  4. Get your L-license, yahoo! You still CANNOT drive on the road yourself.
  5. Uncle will teach you how to drive in JPJ (hill balancing, 3-points turn and side parking)
  6. Attend Uncle's driving class for ___ times. This include inside (the 3 things I mentioned in 5.) and on the road (Road A and C) (I'm not sure, still undergoing this process)

Many people are not sure with many things about driving. I'm one of the best classic examples. I know really NOTHING about driving and road. I hate to recognize road. I DON'T pay any effort in remembering any road unless it is a road which I need to pass through everyday by myself. Or else, I will not be bothered to remember, at all. = ( I'm so pathetic. 

Anyway I hope that this blog post is useful for those who ought to take car driving license. It is a little of a summary about what it is all about. Before this, I didn't know that car driving is like that ---- 

I know that this is a car key but trust me or not, I really DO NOT know how to get a car engine on using this key. Obviously, I know I have to insert the key into the igniter (is that what you call it?). I am not very confident or sure about how to get the car on using this key and where to turn etc. I am a complete noob in driving. = (

After attending a few lessons given by Uncle, I realized I faced a few problems. 

Many people say you don't look at road signs when you drive, practically on the road. Sometimes, I tend to neglect even the traffic light! =((( I'm so terrible!

I hate NO POWER STERLING car! It is so freaking heavy and I mean VERY HEAVY! I might be big in size but turning a little heavy wheel like that in order to move a car is not easy for me. I am able to move it but it takes a lot of effort. It's tiring. = ( Especially when I'm asked to do the 3 point turning under the hot sun without air-cond even with the windows down. = ( It's still HOT. And this makes me feel frustrated and lose patience. Sigh.

I break driving rule number 1 : NO PATIENCE!

I cannot recognize road! I'm so dead! I really hope that I don't have to ask Uncle every time whether to turn left or right. = ( Sometimes even when he already said left, I'm not sure which lane he is really referring to as there are two lanes: One inner and out a little out, still they are both considered as left lanes. Bad description. I hope you  can imagine the road I'm describing. Now I need to learn to recognize the A road. = ( It's hard. Really. I cannot even recognize the road from my house to Bukit Katil JPJ. =(( Ahhh... I already put in a lot of effort but it is NOT EASY for me.. 

Lastly, my problem is that I am a nervous driver! = ( Sometimes I feel so nervous, I really feel like hiding a side all my mistakes so that Uncle doesn't see it and don't lecture me. Wuaaa... Don't ask me what I am nervous about. I am nervous, that's it. I'm learning to control my adrenaline and stress level but sometimes they just got out of hand, uncontrollable. 

Uncle is fierce. = ( Wu huhuhu...

Say HELLO to L holder Lydia ! 


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