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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The pants-skirt and I (model, =P kakakaka)

. . . .  S T A T U S
Mood : ok-ok

I'm not sleepy yet. I need to be very energetic and strong tomorrow. There are 3 main things I need to do tomorrow: Learn driving, work and give tuition. It's going to be hectic and I'm going to be tired.

I don't know what to write but I just feel like writing.

I have a joke here. See if you are a smart Alex or a smart ass. ^^
Highlight the black bar to see the answer.

Hint: It's from the Singapore movie : 鬼也笑


I feel very excited to learn driving tomorrow but at the same time, I'm scared of being screwed up by Uncle because of my bad habit of not recognizing direction. = ( Sigh. I think I am worried and my adrenaline level is currently quite high. That is why I cannot sleep.. Don't ask me why the level of adrenaline is high. I have no idea as well.


I bought a skirt at one of the outlets in AEON 2 Malacca.

Bought it at ACE WIN shop.

= ( Why is it inverted? 

RM 29.00
LMAO I'm so proud at showing the price.
I am not a branded lover.
Anything nice, then I will hook to it!

Can you figure out what is this?
It's not floral whatever. 
It's not panties. 
This is the bottom of the skirt.
It is a pair of pants with a skirt outlook. 
I like this skirt. 
It somehow, psychologically, vision-ly made my thighs look smaller. 

Oh bad photoshop.
My skills are rusted.
Half of my face has stain and I didn't bother/realize to rub them off.
= ( I have lost the .psd file.
I'm not bothered to re-do a new one.
So, that's it.
The model for today, featuring the new bought RM 29 pants-skirt!

The photos are dark because my room's light intensity is not good enough.
I have only 1 white light. 
It's not bright enough. 

I've gotta make all the photos into a poster 
or else I will get nagging from boyfriend for posting such photos on blog. 
Anyway, I think this is good enough! 

That is all for today.
Good night. 

I hope I can sleep now. 


  1. hey!nice skirt!nice pics!!

    im so desperate of getting a skirt here too!!!! a jeans one!! or maybe a black canvas kinda material..

  2. emily : I have TOO MUCH jeans skirt over here. Ha- I used to always wear a mini skirt out last time. Everything seems matching with a mini skirt.For people who have big hips, I think skirt suites them better than pants.

  3. yessa?big hips maybe looks sexy? hhahahaa..

  4. I don't like myself having big hips. = (