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Saturday, July 16, 2011

4 stupid things that spoil my day!

. . .  S T A T U S
Mood : grrr

It's a stupid day with all the stupid things happening on me!

NO. 1 : My flu is not off yet. It's still THERE, THERE, THERE! I feel like chopping the nose off because of the flu! It's so troublesome and it causes so much discomfort whenever I'm doing anything. Ahh...!

NO. 2 : Facebook has changed a new layout and now my games applications are gone! I have bookmarked them earlier and now they are all gone! GONE! I hate the new layout they implemented! Revert! Revert! Revert!

NO. 3 : The damn cell phone can't get through him when I need to talk to him. He is probably busy with something else and is not free to pick up my call. That makes my blood boils even faster. Ahh...

NO. 4 : I seriously detest being pint-pointed as unqualified or lousy when I already gain a cert proving that I CAN, I'm QUALIFIED! Once practice don't make perfection. Donkey la! From A to Z, scold, scold and scold. Heck I am not used to putting to gear 1 at T junction stop. Can't you just give me a little more time to get used to it? Getting scoldings from the beginning till the end.. How the heck you think I can concentrate in driving? I am emotionally disturbed. From a good mood, it changes into a BAD mood! No, it's SUPER DUPER BAD MOOD! Rawwwrrrr... I begin to hate driving. I lose confidence. I am not given the chance to do the practical. I am not trusted to drive the damn car! I should have taken my own sweet time to learn driving. Then, I wouldn't feel so lousy like now! Getting a license but kept being criticized.

I am not a perfect driver because I do not have enough practice, donkey!!!! 

Nobody is born perfect! 

I need to practise, I need to learn, I need time!!!! 



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