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Thursday, July 07, 2011

楚漢驕雄 The Conqueror's Story + My point of view about a Malacca friend

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Mood : sigh

I finally watched finished the drama, The Conqueror's Story (楚漢驕雄). Phew!

This drama has 30 solid episodes with 40 + minutes per episode. I usually watched drama pretty quickly but this drama actually took me more than a week. Ha- Well, my review towards this drama is: EDUCATIVE, AWESOME, SUPERB!

I actually enjoyed watching drama with long episodes. Lately all Hong Kong dramas end at episode 20. Sometimes, when the story plot is interesting, I tend to find 20 episodes too short for a good drama. I give high rating for this drama because I find it very educative. It is an old drama. If I'm not mistaken, this drama was on air in 2004. Currently it is 2011 and I just watched it. Ha- This drama provokes my interest in knowing more about China history. It is really very interesting. You definitely should watch it if you have not!


Some people say I am a quarrel seeker..
Some people say I am rational-less..
Some people say I am a trouble maker.. 

Let me tell you this. I am who I am and whatever you say will not hit me an inch. The reason why you say all these because you do not know me well. You think you know but you don't.

Some people say good friends talk honest things..
Some people say bad friends talk only good things..

How do you define honest things? What is honest thing? Saying something unpleasant and that is what you call it as honest opinion from the truthful heart? Pleasant compliments then will be categorized as dishonest words? Let me tell you another thing today. The definition of what good friends will say is: Good friends talk truthfully with measurements. Measurements in the sense of not making what they say offensive. This is because only good friends know the right way to speak to their friend.

Some people say.. 
Oh some people say..

I really detest people who think they know me but actually they don't to proclaim something which is so false! It is very pathetic and it really makes me feel pissed off. Apart from it, when it is done by an old friend, the feeling is even worst! You think you know me but you don't and yet you were so proud in saying whatever you ought to say. It's sad. Sad.

I will end this with:
Stop saying things that you think is true but very false in my eyes. 

Sometimes, I really couldn't understand how some people could treat their friends, that way---
How they can turn from a thief to a person calling out for thief---

How funny and ridiculous my Malacca friend is-- 
I'm very "proud" of you!

Some friends are worth keeping but some, they just can't be your friends,
I don't know why--- 


  1. Could you sent me a link to watch this drama?

    1. Hello Faramy Sin,

      You can watch this drama via PPS (the cracked version that allows you to assess latest dramas; not the one you download normally in PPS websites). Key in the title in Mandarin words, then you will find it there.

      There are some websites showing this drama but mostly are restricted to Taiwan/China/Hong Kong citizens only. = / I hate this but-- What to do--- They restrict it.

      I'm attaching a few links here. You may check if any of these is useful.

      I'll still recommend you watch using PPS. I watched this drama from my friend's download.. So, I already have them in my hard disk-- I deleted them already if I'm not mistaken. ;)

      It's really a nice drama. Very educative if you like to know more about Dynasty Han.