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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mom and I + Goodies

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : la-la-la

Lately, I received many GOODIES. Some I bought them myself and some Mom bought for me. Ha-ha-ha-

I'm a little free today. I edited the photos. It is just to adjust the brightness. Overall, the photos are quite original. ;)

Ear ring number 1

Ear ring number 2 

I bought these 2 for RM 5. 
It's supposedly 4 for RM 10. 
I shared with Zi Yi. 
She bought some metal ones. 
I preferred these plastic ones. 
Metals are too heavy for my ear lobes (My p.o.v.)

Nothing proud. 
It is Singtel annual dinner door gift.
It's a Quartz watch!
Ha- Not too bad la, got brand~ 
I kind of like it! 

Ziyi, if you happen to see this blog post..
Don't you think I look a little like Zi Nie here?
O.O I'm serious. 

Guess who?
It's ME the model!

I'm free.
So, I made the before and after edit photos to see the difference.
Lighting plays an important role in photo shooting. 

I like this! 
Overall it is a wild and crazy look.

I guess you are pretty bored seeing me.

Let's change another character. 

The photos below featuring my Mom. 

I made the make-up and hair for her.

Friend: Where did you set your hair?
Mom: Lydia's saloon.
Friend: Oh where is it? 
Mom: I've known her for 20 years. At my home. My daughter.

Bwahahahaha . . . 

The curling iron is really HOT!
I like the curly side little hair.
I made them! Ha-!

Other photos. 

I personally think this is the best among all. 
What do you think? ; )

Last but not least.
The mother and the daughter. 
PS# I don't look quite good in this photo! *pout* 

It's a Sunday!
Not working, I'm free, very free. 
What to do? I don't know.

I'm watching Singapore series: Penguin's Father. 
Ha- Not bad. Quite entertaining! 



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