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Monday, August 01, 2011

20th years old Birthday Celebration! XD

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Today is my birthday. I have lived 20 years in this world already. XD I don't feel as down as some people who feel that being 20 is a big disaster. I sort of like the feeling of getting bigger and bigger each year. After all, that is the purpose of celebrating birthday, isn't it? Getting 1 year older as each birthday arrives.

NOTE: This post is going to be pretty long and loaded with photos. ;) Enjoy!

30 July 2011 

[10 a.m.] I received a phone call from a delivery man who told me that my mom already helped me to receive my parcel. Haha. I kept silent and continued the show, acting innocently I don't know anything.

31 July 2011 

[2-3 a.m.] Finished opening my parcel [present] and talking with boyfriend, then sleep.

The delivery came a day earlier. 
Anyway, I'm still very happy to receive present from him! 
Though, he's not here. 

Inside the parcel is this. =)))

Message from him.

Lie down. 

Hello Kitty USB fan.
Good is good but it is a little noisy. =(

Wrapper + present

Him : Do you see any paper rolls?
Me : Huh? What paper rolls?
Him : Yeaa.. When you unwrap your present.. In the parcel.. 
Me : Noooo.. Where you put?

Find, find, find..

Me : On my bed laaaa.... 

They are numbered. 



(3),(4) and (5) I didn't snap.
I was too anxious to unroll the papers.

I'm supposed to arrange the circled alphabets into 4 words.
I cannot guess it correctly because he left out a few alphabets. = = "
He wanted to say, "Will you forgive me?"
Well, well.. I will tell you the answer later! Not now!

I brought candy heart to sleep.

[10+ a.m.] Tan Zi Yi's call woke me up from my dream. Then, I woke up. As usual, I on my DD Tank. I wanted to let my avatar to spend 1 hour in spa. That's my usual routine. I played a few rounds and watched some drama.

[12 noon] Dad asked me to go out and learn driving. Aiks.. While learning, I hear ngek ngek ngek.. @@

[1 p.m.] I drove home and got myself ready for Seoul Garden party. Jessica and Tiew came and fetch me. Aiks.. I still cannot drive out yet.. Huhuhu..

[2 p.m.] We dined in Seoul Garden. I didn't eat as much as I normally used to. I was not feeling very well, hence I did not have much appetite. Wasted. Friends, thanks for the treat! XD

Ziyi : Eat more. Eat more.
Lydia : You too, you too. Nak gemuk, sama-sama gemuk, then sama-sama diet! ;P

This cake looks so pretty! 
XD Blueberry cheesecake. 

All kinds of stupid faces. 
Some are OK and some are not. 
Different photographers. 
I like the lighting. 

Cake cutting ceremony.

Blueberry cheesecake. 
It doesn't look good in the picture.
Bad angle.

The four of us. 
And the little Caucasian boy. 

These were taken with Zi Yi's camera.
I think my camera pixels are better though I used the VGA version?

Another combined set of photos.

[4+ p.m.] We did some photo shooting before departing Seoul Garden. I felt that I was really pale and weak. Urgghh.. Zi Yi gave me present in the car. Yeahhh~! We snapped some photos outside Breeks Cafe.

I look really awfully fat in most photos. =X
So, I only select this to be shown on my blog. 
I like the posing but my facial expression is out, as well as my figure. =(

In the car...

Ziyi : Nolaaa. Plastic bag only!
Me : Oooo....... 

Front page.. 

Tan Zi Yi's first DIY card.

My present! 

GMX purse. 
The colour is peach red actually. 
It looks pinky in the photo. O.O

[5+ p.m.] Home, resting, near dying in pain. ='( sob.. Why must it be TODAY?!

[6+ p.m.] Energy recharged. Talked to boyfriend. Laycheng called half-way. She purposely phoned from Melbourne and spoke to me for near 20 minutes! O.O 1 minute = AUD 2. =( It's like, quite expensive, I mean very expensive. I'm so touched! Huhuhu..

Thank you!

[8+ p.m.] I went out with Dad and Mom to buy cake. Mom baked a cake but I don't think I'm gonna eat it. =X I like cake with frosting. They look prettier and more like a cake. I don't like naked cake. =X Mom bought American Chocolate from Italy for me. I still prefer Secret Recipe though. It tastes more "solid" and "real".

I snapped from my car window.
My dad, holding the cake. 
Hahaha.. He looks like dai lou!

1 kg American Chocolate cake.

My cake

Closer a bit.
Very dark chocolate.

Take it out from the box.
Candles on. 
2 big candles = 20 years old. 

Candles are lighted up.

Wish + blow! 

Daddy, me and Mommy with peace hand.

Cake cutting ceremony.

Mommy and I.

This photo looks much attractive compared to the blueberry cheesecake.
Angle problem.

My brother ate 3 slices! O.O
My cakeeeeeee!

2 types of cakes combined! 
I think I like blueberry cheesecake more. 
Still, thank you very much for the cakes! 

[10+ p.m.] Mr. Shaun Richmond phoned me. As usual, he phoned me too last year and the previous year. Ha- Ever since I know him till today, he never failed giving me a call during my birthday! Ah- I'm pretty touched too! Haha.. Thanks Shaun, for always remembering my birthday! XD

[10.30 p.m.] Miss Mei Lan came to my house and hand me my presents. Wheee.. Presents! I love presents! Hehehe..

In Nadeje box.
A few goodies. 
Thanks Mei Lan!

I don't know what is this
I think she said 5 minutes later then can eat?


Too pretty to eat?

Lip gloss/lip balm?
Very thick taste..
I like it though.

I like the card! 
Very pretty!!! 
Very nicely done!

Very nicely done card! 
Very pretty! 

[11 p.m.] Arranging my gifts and snapping them down. Blogging about this. The day is coming to an end.. I really enjoyed this year birthday very much! Many wishes from many people and many things done by my friends and loved ones. I'm so touched! XD I'm very happppy.....! Thank you!!

My presents for 20th birthday!

Kong Ming lamp, given by Jessica the day after. 
; ) Thanks!

1 August 2011 [4.39 p.m.] Finished blogging. Phew~


A big bunch of thank you to the following people who wished me. 
I feel so touched! ;) 
Chenny Ling
Emily Bui Bui
Dina Ooi
Jong Mei
Arif Ruzlan
Chin Fern, Ah Ooi
Jia Yun
Janice Soo
Lim Shey Yee
Chong Ying Pow
Evon Chng
Joyce Chew
Eve Lim
Phua Kok Hooi
Ooi Wei Tong
Erene Sim
Mohamad Shamsulruddin
Ong Alex
Mei Lan 
Kuen Hui Ping
Shal Yin
Mandy Ooi
Dexter Swee
Tan Shanwayne
Low Shi Min
Tao Zi Sun
Arifuddin Awang
Chiew Ting
Huan Ying
Kim Ying Wee
An Wen
Qiu Fong
Lois Kong Xiao Mei
Chiew Yee
Wai Sin
Violet Music lover
Tan Shi Qi 
Judy Tan
Loh Boon Ping
Bao Hui
Ong Chia Yee
Zrac Lee
Max Wong Jun Fatt
Diayana Amirah Mohd Radin
Daniellaila Saduan
Steven Wee Cher Yuan
Lalitha Rajamanikam
Niesha Ramanathan
Monica Gloria
Angah Taufiq
Jon Duke
Leong Jc
Kenneth Tan
David Teo
Tang Teck Xin
Ah Bong
Tan Mei Ling
Hanne Weber
James Chong
Kenny Yeo
Clarice Bubu
Aeron Lau
Ann Yeoh
Kit Fai
Yz Egg
Kalpana Devi
Ho Yeok Cheng
Rick Einstein Kual
Esther Ng
Rick Metzey
Zhi Wei
Jason Yew
Sia Rayz
Yi Heng
Hu Du Jian 
Anna Lee
Black Pian
Wendy Lim
Xiao Nutz
May Yoong
Prasath Subramaniam
Victoria Lee
Jymy Lim
Emily Sueyen
Andrina Nina de Mello
Emily Tina
Kong Foo Ming
Janice Tan
Amiru zairie 
Rita Lakhsmi
Oh Shiek Li
Ifah Ahmad
Mong Wei
Jessica Pan
Michelle Ho
Tian Tian
Mandy Wen
Chong Hau
Jennifer Ow Qin Xin
Deanna Rose
Caral Tan
Poh Yong
Gan Hui Yeen
Wan Ching
Jejawy Bamboo House
Fifah Aziz
Ed Mc Daniel
Meng Zhong Hun (DD Tank friend)
Lee Ting
Jacelyn Yap 
Andy Mau
Izzati Zamburi 
You He 
Langkap Styler
Kim Jim
Yee Juin
Lay Cheng
Wong Siong Heng
Fione Tham
Grace Tiong
Vivien Liow
Tan Hui Ling
Ryan Kerk
Nektarios Lap
Wee Caman
Anne Ng
Tiau Huei Cheng
Jacqualine Karinja
Wy Theng
Deb Weyhknecht
Mohamad Hafiz
Wan Yin
Jovina Ann Lee
Verna Westfall
Haziqah Favil
Darren Tham
Winnee Haw
Kelly Wong
 Ren Bing
Ronald Line
RoroTherealestchickever Baily
Jessica Heng
Jessica Lee
Uncle Ong Soon Chai
Joelle Chan
Sher Ling
Chris Low
Wendy Wen
Furguson Teh
Valerie Yap
Wan Sin
Tengku Lieya
Jet'aime Ayiena 
Mei Yun
HunnyHanani Rosli
Shaun Richmond
Jessica Tessensohn 
Andrew Tiew 
Siew Ing
Wei Wen
Nicole Choo
Ang Pei Pei
Teresa Zhou
Mei Ting
Ming Yuen
Tze Huei
Teacher Tan Kok Chye
Joanne Leong
Wei Chien
Ho Bee Ling
Alexander Wong Kiong Hoon
Tan Sook Yong
Ng Teong Siang
Veol Bakhda
Nik Nurhafizah
Champagne Chuah
Andrew Empson
Sen Hui
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