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Friday, August 05, 2011

Teachers must be good in EQ, too bad I am not.

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Ever since 13 of July 2009, I have decided to join the education field. I'm under the programme to transform myself into a well-prepared teacher. Honestly, teaching is not my first choice. The passion in teaching is developing but has yet to grow to its optimum level.

I have always been an emotional person. Teaching is a professional job that requires somebody with high EQ. In becoming a teacher, I may acquire the IQ but not EQ. I tend to lose control easily when I feel frustrated. This is me and of course, nobody can change in just 1 or 2 years. The 5 and a half years of teaching programme is a great programme to prepare somebody to be a teacher. So far, I've only completed half, I have yet to master this skill.

Perhaps, I do not have the natural talent like some of my course mates do-- born with lots of patient, love and caring heart for those weaker students. I admit I am not. I know I am more of a hot tempered person. I cannot tolerate much.

Throughout this long semester break, I learnt quite a lot about teaching by experiencing how to be a teacher. It's not easy because teaching is not all about the knowledge you have but also the ability to teach. I am working very fine with the knowledge but not really with the emotions part.

I'm just here to clarify that, I know I am wrong for saying the statement: I hate stupid students. I was wrong for using the adjective "stupid". I should have used a more proper and accurate word to describe them, which is "reluctant". If I caused any misunderstanding or wrath to any future teachers, I apologize. I was just too furious and wanted to vent out.

Who doesn't want to be a everybody-likes-caring-loving teacher?
I tried to--
It doesn't work, because he deliberately challenged my patience. 

I started teaching with a smile. 

Then, my expression turned this. 

After that, followed by this.. 

I exploded.

Who doesn't want to be a good teacher who always has the smile on their face?

The student didn't play his part as a student,
I as a teacher, I have the rights to feel angry as well.
Maybe, it's just my way of expressing it is wrong.

I just simply don't believe that none of you ever have the thought of scolding a problematic student "stupid".
Its just a matter of saying it out loud or no- 
Everybody has a limitation of patience.
You do, I do, everyone does.

I end my words here.
To my fellow course mates whom will be graduating the same time as I,
I may not be as great as you all in controlling emotions but I am trying to.


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