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Monday, August 29, 2011
. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : la-la-la

Last night, I had several joint dreams together. They were like a link of short clips which joined together and became a movie. Phew~

(I) My service as a tutor ended on last Saturday. 

Tan Wei Ni. 
She always wants teachers to help her to tie her hair. 
I tied this hairstyle for her : China girl theme.

Back and side view. 

(II) I cooked my own dadih last week or the last previous week.

The white colour slices thing are rambutan flesh. 
Rambutan tastes so much better after being cut slices. 
It's much easier to eat without the seed. ; ) 

I have always loved dadih in Jitra. 
Despite its expensive RM 1.20 price, I would still buy it. 
Throughout the DIY dadih process, I realised that dadih contains A LOT of sugar. 

Yet, I still love it. ; ) 

(III) My hair colour : Dark brown / black / golden stripes = = "

I have no comment about my hair colour. 
I want to faint! 
I actually wanted to cover the highlighted hair.
I want them to be even! 
I took these with flash.
It is impossible for me to capture my bright hair colour without flash.

(IV) My DIY curls using tongs. 

After the actual shooting.. 

Some Self Service photos 

My father and brother.

Mother, Father and Brother.

(V) One day before I ended the job

Marcus, Moo Zhi Xiang and Leong Jia Cheng 
These 3 are standard 1 kids. 
I taught them Chinese and Malay tuition every Saturday. 

I will miss you people. ; ) 

(VI) One day... 
I suddenly feel that my hair is in real good condition.
Hence, I took up the camera and start snapping. ; ) 

I took so much and I'm so lazy to pick and photoshop-
Hence, I post them all. 
Hee hee...

My hair gets very long now.

Bun! The Japanese bun! ; ) 
I made it!

I hate my freaking long fringe!
They don't look good on my face! =9

(VII) Teaching English tuition at home. 

Very dark. 
Just a normal snap with no specific mode. 
I'm lazy. Again.
Earlier, I gave them synonyms and antonyms.
Then, I switched to homonyms. 
This is to aid vocabulary enhancing. 

(VIII) I'm so crazy with the Facebook online game : DD Tank.

I actually jotted down the angle and energy required. 
Ha- I love this game! Very much!


Well, that is all for now. 
I'm going back to Jitra very soon. 
Class is starting on 11 September 2011.
I'm counting down the days to leave Malacca. 

People in Malacca.. 
Gonna say sayonara to you people very soon! 

Last of all, thanks for viewing/reading/peeping =P
Have a nice day ahead!


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