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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hari Raya 2011 Open House in MITC, Melaka

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Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends from all over the world.
May you all have a prosperous and blessed new year!

I just came back from MITC Melaka. I attended the open house organized by Melaka's governor and Chief Minister. I am bloated. I ate everything in small proportion. Now, I'm very full. = = "

I snapped some photos throughout the process of looking for food. Tee heee..

The place is a little dark so the pictures will be slightly dark.

I'm lazy to edit. =P

We departed from my house at around 10 am. The whole journey took about 20 + minutes.

On the way, we saw the Muslims went to their family's graveyard to pray.
Dad said it's their custom. 
I'm not quite sure about this. 

We finally reached MITC. 

There are many people. 
The place is decorated nicely.

There are many stalls. 
Some are repetition. 
Basically the food they provide are:
satay (chicken & beef)
mee / bihun / kueytiao / fried rice
traditional cookies
cendol / ABC
Teh O / mineral water
Bihun soto
Roti jala / lempeng 
Roti canai
Pisang goreng / keropok

Satay (chicken mix beef)

Lempeng / roti jala

Lempeng / roti jala

Do you notice anything unusual?

They are real fruits! 
I saw an uncle took some of the rambutans.  = = "

Bihun mix mee

The pisang goreng is nice.
However, too oily. 
I took only one piece.

I saw lekor. 
I wanted to have some.
It's always finished when I come back to them.
So, in the end, I didn't take any.

Bihun soto

Hahaha.. Very ugly posing.
I hope that this lady will never notice this photo.

My goreng pisang, mihun-mee and vadeh.
The vadeh doesn't taste as good as the pasar malam's one.


Kuih raya a.k.a. traditional cookies.

2 rambutans and 2 langsats. 
= =  " 

Nasi lemak bungkus. 
I didn't take this.

Very rich in santan.

Yum yum... 

Lontong, my favourite.

A kind of Malay kuih.
I don't know what it is called.
It tastes good. 
Something like pancake but with soft texture.

Keropok pisang. 
When I went back to that stall to have more,
they told me no more already.

Yum yum.
I ate everything in small proportion.
I ate many kinds.

Malay kuih.

The stage.

I didn't manage to quee up for the green packet because of my brother.
 = = " He needs to go to work so we have to go back earlier. 
Tsk.. Missed my green packet! 

Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims. 


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