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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Boyfriend's 20 years old birthday celebration

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Boyfriend's 20 years old birthday celebration 

I couldn't manage to celebrate his birthday last year. I really hoped that he likes the celebration I made for him. ; ) 

The process of baking oreo stuffed cookies for him. 
I baked them before departing to Klang.
They taste really good! (Ask him!) 
They are all in heart shape. ; )
Every cookie has an Oreo in it. 

and my face is round. 

Before bake.

Apply egg yolk mask first.

I gave him in the ferry. 

They look pretty, don't they?

Snap some couple photos after snapping him with biscuits.
My fringe is freaking long and I don't like them. 
I don't dare to cut because I scare they will bend. 

We've not been to First Avenue although we've been to Penang a couple of times.
So, I planned the celebration to be in First Avenue. 
It's a nice place. 
Recommended by Zi Nie. ; ) 

My goodness.. 
What kind of dressing is that.. 
Cute style Oreef T + beach pants + bata ah-ma slippers + modern bag 
Very bad combination of dressing. 

We went to Kim Gary. 
It's at the Low Ground of First Avenue.

They have a tupperware to put the utensils. 

Nice environment. 

Snapped some photos before eating. 

Our orders.
We ate 3 servings meal. @@ 

Cream soup and Borch soup? 
I can't be bothered with the spelling. 
See the receipt yourself. 

Rating : 8/10

The inside of the soup. 
I like the cream corn most! 
Rating : 9/10

Normal coffee + HK style yuen yang + Idk what is this.
Rating : 9/10 (yuenyang)

Normal pudding. 
Rating : 6/10

Big bowl rice. 
I don't like half cooked egg.
Rating : 8/10

Cheese baked rice.
Not bad.
Rating : 7/10

He complained that I'm always the one who made the opening ceremony whenever we eat.
So, I let him open this time. 

Curry spaghetti. 
I find the curry moderately spicy but he can't stand the spiciness. =P

Closer look at the curry and spaghetti. 
Rating : 7/10

My turn to open the ceremony. ; ) 

Kim Gary, definitely a good place to dine in. 
I enjoy the food, price and service provided.
They are really fast and efficient in preparing the food. 
The food is not too pricey too. 
It's a good experience dining at Kim Gary. 

3 lunch sets = RM 41.15 after 20% discount less. 
Worth it, isn't it?

They give one 20% voucher each time you dine in.
I don't know how long will this last. 
We took this voucher for the next day's brunch. ; )

After satisfying our stomachs, we went to catch a movie at TGV cinema.
I never been to TGV cinema before. 
We watched the recently popular movie directed by Namewee, Nasi Lemak 2.0 
My rating for this movie is 9/10
It's an entertaining movie which has a lot of bad influences to children (my P.O.V.) 
The dialogues contain a lot of vulgar language which are transformed in joke form. 
Anyway, the movie tries to deliver the message of unity in Malaysia in a unique way.
Go and watch it if you haven't! 
Everything went smooth for us. 
We were able to get student price ticket for the new movie.
We only paid RM 8 for the ticket. ; )

We went back to rest for a few hours. 
We were both tired. (phew~) 
We went for dinner around 9 pm (we were still full after eating Kim Gary's 3 set meals)
We took a trishaw (how do you spell this correctly?) . 
We have always wanted to have a trishaw ride but not able to because of money consideration.
The trishaw took us from Lebuh Chulia to Newlane Street for RM 7
I really enjoyed the ride very much! ; )

Beef balls. 
I love this. 
Yummy! RM 5 per bowl. (expensive!)
Rating : 8/10 

Oysters (O-juen)
I don't know why this picture is uploaded inverted. 
Anyway, this plate of oysters costs RM 7
I think it worths the price because it really has a lot of oysters.
At Malacca, most oysters dish that we order has so much scramble eggs and you hardly see any oysters.
I estimated there were roughly 15 oysters in this plate of oysters dish. 
Rating : 9/10 (for oysters lovers, I'm not really one)

Penang Char Koey Tiaw
Too little cockles. 
Char Koey Tiaw  must put lots of cockles then only nice~ 
Anyway.. not too bad. 
Fresh shrimps. 
Rating : 7/10

Counting down the hours together while watching a romantic video about how a man court a deaf and dumb woman. 

Deng deng deng...

I prepared a short slideshow for him. 
I sang birthday song for him. 
I very shy. =X

Opening birthday present.
Camel Active genuine leather wallet.
I took long consideration before purchasing it. 
X.X I really hope he likes the wallet. 

The next day... 

We went to First Avenue's Master Choo Restaurant pretty early.
Too bad, they have yet started their business.
Hence, we went back to Kim Gary. 

Beef steak spaghetti? 
He ordered this.
I find it OK-OK only. 
I don't really like their spaghetti. 
It's a set meal. 
It costs around RM 13-15.
Rating : 5/10 

Cheese baked mushrooms.
Not bad.
Really high in cheese.
This is good for cheese lovers.
It costs about RM 8.
Rating : 8/10

American style breakfast 
Chicken and pork chop. 
Not bad
Rating : 8/10

This HK style yuen yang is really GOOD!
You gotta try it! 

Transferring stuff into his new wallet. 

Before boarding onto the bus to go to jetty, I bought two computer stuff.

Initially sold at RM 29 / headphone+microphone
I managed to lower down the price to RM 26

Cooling pad initially sold at RM 19
I managed to lower down its price to RM 14

Never ever buy expensive things when you can bargain. 
Be a smart buyer wherever you are. 

That's all.
Happy schooling again tomorrow after holidaying for 4 months at home.


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