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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

September life in IPDA

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I've not been updating for quite some time. Many of us are very busy with this semester's assignments. The assignments in this semester are like crazily heavy in terms of workload and time consumption. I've been a university student for 2 years plus and this is the first time I feel that being a university student is not easy at all. I used to take it for granted that studying in IPG is really not that stressful if you can make sure you do your work consistently, not pushing everything to the last minute. In this semester, I have to sleep at 3 am just to rush the Falsafah assignment, which is really out of my expectation. Perhaps, this is supposed to be the right way how university life should be.

It is undeniable that if you compare the credit hours for this semester with our foundation time, we're having lesser credit hours every week. However, the main difference which makes them so contrast is the assignments. Last time, most of the assignments are simple and do not require so much effort and time. This round, everything we do needs to take up like more than 10 hours to complete. I'm referring to group work. Sigh. The worst part of all is, you need to redo after having consultation with the lecturer. = = "

My relationship life has been not very stable recently. However, it seems to be getting better. We are really very busy in this semester. The time that we can allocate for each other is really limited. I hope that we can go through this semester together with courage and encouragement given by one another.

My friends here. Well, I am getting closer to Wei Wen as days pass. I also gained a new friend, Sin Ni, whom I begin to speak more often to lately. I have nothing much to comment about them at here because this is definitely a very sensitive issue. Ha- Anyway, in this semester, I told myself that I need a whole change of myself on how I see things and people. I used to be too pessimistic and objective in judging people. I do not allow any lazy bums to appear in my group and as a result, I will use some silly ways to force that person to do something. Slowly, I realized that this is actually a kind of pattern of how most Malaysians do work. Procrastinate, giving lame excuses and expects people's understanding and forgive. This group of people is so large and they can be said as the majority. So, it's really difficult to against the majority. I learnt many good lessons in the past. Hence, the best way is to forgive and forget, do what I can to achieve the best results for self enrichment.

I am on diet. I don't dare to tell this verbally to too many people. Ha- I'm just worried that it is going to be a failure again. So, I'm keeping it a little low profile for the time being. I really hope that this round of diet will results in some weight loss. I really need to slim down. T.T All the sacrifices made during diet will definitely paid off 1 day. I believe that. Be patient.

I'm having public speaking tomorrow. I'm not sure will it reach my turn tomorrow. I hope it will. Then, I can drop down one worry from my worry buckets. It's so heavy and I'm carrying it on my shoulders everyday. T.T

Till here for the time being.


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