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Friday, January 27, 2012

Love is..... so fragile

. . . . S T A T U S
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I am not feeling good at the moment.
Drowsy and feeling like having the HEAVIEST head on earth makes me----

I thought of sharing some midnight thoughts.
Bear with me if it's too boring for you.

I myself have devoted to a guy named Teh Joo Kiat. To me, relationship, love; they are wonderful things which need a lot of effort to maintain its "freshness". At times, I feel like "grrr-- why on earth must I let myself attach to a guy who is good at pissing me off most of the times and never thought of patching up with me!". When the storms of fight are over, we are going to become like two sweet Tweety birds on the tree, making everybody around us to envy. My conclusion is, I love him and I still think he is a man whom I will cherish wholeheartedly. 

We've been together for 2 years plus--- In this coming August, we will be celebrating our 3 years anniversary. Time flies so swiftly. As we were holding hands in hands, going through this past 2 years plus together, we've witnessed many changes in our friends. Some of them, made me really upset because I never expect that such thing will happen to them. This is one of the reasons, I feel that I should be more thankful that my relationship is still stable and our love is still unshaken. 

To get into a relationship, serious relationship, you need to pay a great price of commitment. It's not all about having crush and wanting to date that person who makes your heart pumps 100 times faster than usual. A couple who does not expect to have mutual future together should reconsider whether the partner you are facing right now is your real soulmate. 

Getting back to my random thoughts------- 

I was actually viewing some photos on Facebook. I went visiting with a few friends just now and at the midst of chatting, we talked about this particular person. I pointed out that this particular person deserves to be praised for being able to sustain a long distance relationship for so many years. However, to my surprise, she actually got another boyfriend. x.x 

I'm not trying to pint-point anything. It's just that this particular incident evokes some thoughts in my brain. I feel that--- 

Love is TOO fragile to battle on its own when the fighters are not fit enough. 


Love comes really swiftly and goes away, just like that. 

It's difficult to make love stay, when one of the lovers has decided to move away from the battle.

I don't know why-- I ALWAYS have this one kind of weird feeling, whenever I see my friends, separating from their partner. It's always a peculiar feeling. I cannot explain it. It's a sad feeling.


  1. Agree agree agree! I like this post because what you said is reallyyy true! Love is fragile if only one is working hard. Nevertheless, working alone make one feels tired, hopeless and aimless. Because of the extreme pain that love caused, people tend to make reckless decision by letting it go with the reason to stop the pain ASAP. That's why love goes away swiftly.

    1. Wow. You're reading. Ha- It's just some reflection upon seeing some photos in Facebook.