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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Course Registration Online is a crazy experience

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood: phew---- 

Yesterday night was crazy! It's my first experience and I know it's not going to be the last for this coming few years. I'll have to go through this once every semester, that is 2 times a year. So, what is the crazy experience I'm talking about here? 

It's something that ALL University students have to go through--- COURSE REGISTRATION online! 

I should not have highlighted the two words. I should focus more on the word ONLINE! 

I bet you know what this is. Yes, an ovum and countless sperms. What was I yesterday? 
Answer: 1 of the countless sperms, symbolically! 

Everybody standby beside their laptop when the clock was showing 11.30 pm or so-- Nobody was doing other things besides staring at the screen, waiting for the page to pop up. I was the same too. I was so freaking tired last night and got really frustrated when the pages were not loaded. My expression was like this last night \/

I considered myself quite lucky though not the luckiest because... I manage to:
  • register same courses with him. 
  • complete all the hassle registration work within 1 and a half hours. 
What's sad about it... 
  • I cannot join Choir! #$%^&^&
I'm really unhappy when I first saw the latest list written both groups for choir are fully occupied 40/40 and 40/40. I was like WHAT-THE------ 

I waited for so---long---- 1 semester, just to enter that club and now you tell me, before I can register, it's ALREADY full? Ahhh!!

Do you know why? Why is the registration full before the registration starts?
Answer: Hierarchy. Those seniors on top have the priority to register first. After they have filtered through the courses, THEN only is our turn! T.T What a disheartening fact--- 

If you're curious with what I did yesterday--- 
See the above .gif animation. That's what I did yesterday for 1 hour plus--- = = " 
Moving the mouse forward and click. 
I did this action for like near hundred times yesterday within 1 hour. 

It got me so frustrated when I do not see the page appears after keying in the details. 
They load and load and load---
This is NOT the worst frustration because--- 
The worst of all is when YOU CANNOT SIGN IN!!!

I got myself kicked out from the busy server for like 2-3 times
That's enough to make me feel like swallowing up the laptop in front of me. 
I was anxious when I see that I'm not even logged in and places were getting more and more limited. 
Some courses time schedule clash against one another and that is why I guess,
everybody is rushing and competing against one another for the place/time. 

Here comes the ponder part---
QUESTION: Is this a good idea? Registering courses online?

There is only 1 server and so many applicants. Everybody is thinking of themselves-- Trying to sneak into the quota in the shortest time. Last night, you can see people sitting at the staircase, suffering the bites from mosquitoes (I'm talking about myself here!) , just to get the mission done - register! 

That time, I was wondering, is it good if they can have other alternative to solve this problem... Then, I thought about it a few times.. There seems like no other better and fairer way to carry out this task. The key to this issue is FAIRNESS

I guess that is how the concept of "who is fast, who gets it" arises. 

By the way, I slept at 2 am last night. = = " I seldom sleep late unless I am up for work/assignments. I'm thankful though, I'm actually the earliest to go to bed. @@ My eyes felt so groggy and I was so exhausted last night, seriously. 

The conclusion of this post is--- 
I hate to register courses online but I have no choice, that's how things going to work for me in the coming few years time. 

One more thing to report--- 
I'm happy because of 2 things: 
  1. I am quite satisfied with my Second Language Acquisition coursework marks. ;) It feels really... good when listening to the lecturer's remarks and know that, "oh, it's you a-ha!" It's just a sense of satisfaction that makes me feels appreciated for my hard work. I'm not boasting here but I'm just trying to share my blossoming happiness. ;) 
  2. I may be going home this weekend. And, I'm going to buy the waffle at Pudu LRT station! The waffle sold by that aunty is definitely the best waffle I've eaten so far! I don't like Tanjung Malim waffles.. Hard, TOO crispy (I never like crispy stuff, mind you!) and just does not taste good to my tongue!
  3. I finally finished reading Hard Times written by Charles Dickens. Honestly, the book is quite boring to read at first BUT-- It gets better when you have a summary notes ever ready with you when you're reading the text. It acts as a guidance. I told myself not to take the easy way out-- Hence, I disciplined myself by allowing myself to read 1 chapter book followed by 1 chapter notes. That way, I will not have the lazy thought of trying to jump the queue - means just read the notes and forget about the text. 
I guess that's it for today--! ;) It's a lovely morning I hope, to begin all the works for the day-- Phew!

GOOD MORNING everyone! 
I had chipsmore for breakfast! XD
How about you? 


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