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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

List: To watch dramas/movies

. . . . .  S T A T U S
Mood: XD

Exams haven't even started and I'm thinking of holiday now--- LMAO 

I want to list down the dramas that I wanna watch during the holiday-- 
So happy because I have the latest PPS installed now. 
I can watch LOTS of dramas! XD 


I wanted to watch this drama like for AGES! I'm SOOO late but late is better than never get to watch at all. I will start watching this drama first! XD I like to watch China ancient stories--- XD

TWILIGHT saga - Breaking Dawn Part 1 

Everybody probably have watched it already but I not yet---- T.T I'm sooooo LATE! The part 2 is coming out soon in November and I'm still left behind! 


A Singaporean drama. Mommy asks me to watch this. She says it's educative and good for... Couples! Lol. XD 


This drama seems to have good/high ratings. I'll watch it too. The title is catchy to me. ;)


This drama looks nice too. Mother in law drama. ;) 


This drama looks nice. Ariel Lin acts. ;) 

AHHH, there are more actually but I'm randomly picking a few. XD Wait for me dramasssssss! 


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