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Sunday, June 10, 2012

NOT everybody can study with music!

. . . . S T A T U S
Mood : VERY frustrated 

I can't wait for this semester to end.
I hate certain things which I cannot say them out loud here--

It's getting on my nerves EVERY single day and night
I can't stand it (x10000 times)
I hate noise, I declare here to everyone:

Not everybody can work with noise at the background!
I am just one of those few ones who just cannot work along with noise!

What is noise to me?

  1. Music 
  2. Radio 

These 2 are the major noises which I seriously CANNOT stand and tolerate

I need a quiet situation where I can study and facts enter my head.
Do you know how I hate to force my head to focus when I'm so distracted by the noise?
I have to re read the same damn line for more than 3 times before it can be absorbed into my head?

And 1 more thing that I really hate is:
Shut that damn noise off when people are sleeping---!!
How can you sleep with noise?
Noise = Music! Song! Radio!
When others are sleeping---
It isn't proper to have any noise...
This is just common sense which I thought everybody knows (It seems that I am afraid I might have taken things for granted)

In short..
I'm just a person who cannot work normally when I'm distracted by noise...
How I wish people around me know this.
I just hate it, so, so, so, so much that I really CANNOT stand it any further!

I feel like saying out but I gotta admit that I'm a coward--
I don't dare to say it out loud in front of these people--
I'm just writing this because I really can't stand it anymore!

Come on..
It's EXAMS period now..!
You need to study, I need to study, everyone needs to study
Everybody has different ways to study
Everybody needs their own space and quietness
Everybody needs to sleep and have proper rest before exams---!

4 more days to go--
This nightmare will be over.
I hope to sleep alone for the next semester.

I'm a weirdo.
I am not an extrovert person--
I don't like music like most people do
I just hate it
I enjoy the peacefulness that cannot be found else when I'm alone in the room doing things that I wanna do--

It's just too difficult to please people
or make people understand what you really want--
It's just too, too, difficult
Sometimes, people are considerate and understanding.
When you show them signal, they understand and stop those funny acts
but unfortunately, when there's good people, there's always bad people
There are always "people" who would ignore those glaring signals and continued their irritating acts
It all depends which type of people you meet with

A very long post of frustration release---
I need sleep.
12 am strikes the clock
Gonna wake up early and do my work and revision when everybody's deep asleep
That's the only time when I really feel peaceful and can do my work with high efficiency

Till here peeps.
If you are reading this, please know that I'm just venting out my hidden almost 180 + - days frustration
It has been stored too long.
It has overflowed now---
No hard feelings after this---
I will go crazy if I tolerate such thing everyday again and again without venting out my frustration and anger.
I gotta blame myself apparently for being too timid not to voice out publicly.

So, bear with it, stick with it--
For 4 more days--
Then, back to my home sweet home--


  1. might be too late to do this, (end of semester already) but tell the person if they mind using headphones? or turn it down?